My Garden Journal October Update With Winter in October...

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Not much happening in the gardens outside for October except some fabulous winter wonderland scenes!

My gardening got moved indoors with the killing frosts we had the last part of September and it's good to be able to keep picking some fresh produce - lettuce, kale, green onions, celery, rhubarb chard plus some potted pepper plants which I got to flower again so I should have some more sweet peppers, and of course my different herbs - basil, cilantro, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, rosemary, chives, stevia, 3 different mints, lemon grass and a cannabis plant.

JJ isn't going out as much anymore with the cold and snow on the ground so he's enjoying having the outdoors indoors in our sun room.

JJ Taking Over a Box Left in the Sun Room

JJ in box by lemon grass and verbena pot inside sun room.JPG

We call it our sun room but it doesn't get much direct sun in the winter for the sun is to low and it's behind the evergreens for most of the day. Last year I finally broke down and invested in some grow lights which I'm sure happy I did for we had a real long cold winter last year and folks were complaining of getting depressed but not me for I kept on gardening for the winter with the grow lights keeping away the S.A.D. syndrome!

This year we have ordered a couple more grow lights (ceramic halides) so we can use the whole area of the sun room for growing. That makes me happy and I think my husband too, for he has his cannabis grow project going on in there! We got mold on the cannabis plants we were growing in the greenhouse this past summer so we decided to keep the whole growing cycle in the sun room and keep a rotation of plants happening starting with a nice mother he got from our neighbor.

Growing Cannabis for a Mother Plant

Cannabis plant under lights.JPG

Let's start by checking out some of the the winter wonderland scenes outside...

Lovely Wintry Scene of House and Yard After First Heavy Snow

snowy scene 2 lawn chairs looking through shrubs at house good.JPG

Snowy Lilacs Bend Over Arches Entering the Gardens

2 arches with snowy lilacs bent over them.JPG

Looking Through the Arch into the Side Yard

view through arches at snowy scene in yard.JPG

Plum Trees Garden Bed and Greenhouse All Covered with Snow

closeup snowy greenhouse and garden in front snow on shrubs.JPG

Winter Wonderland Created By Snow Laden Evergreens Behind Greenhouse

scene from deck with heavy snow on trees and greenhouse.JPG

All that was left still growing in the greenhouse (amazingly after 15 degrees below Celsius) was the chickweed which continued to provide fresh salad greens for us. See the article I wrote about the other uses I had for that abundance of chickweed here!

Chickweed Fresh Picked From Snowy Greenhouse

last harvest of chickweed greens on snowy hottub by snow covered greenhouse and garden.JPG
bowl of picked chickweed in green mat of chickweed.JPG

Last year we had a heavy snow that bent the Amur Maple to the ground breaking the main branches so we cut it off and left a stump which sent out some healthy new sprouts and now this year the heavy snow came again and bent that new growth to the ground.

New Growth on Stump of Amur Maple Crushed To the Ground With Heavy Snow

heavy snow collaped new growth on Amur maple.JPG

Bruno Sitting on Snowy Deck Winter Wonderland Behind

good looking Bruno sitting on deck with snow covered bird feeder and greenhouse behind good.JPG

Snow on Vines Holding on to Their Green Leaves and Snowy Deck

snow on vines on house looking towards snowy deck closer to deck.JPG

Bruno Running By Snowy Apple Tree Holding Onto Leaves

Bruno running thru snow by snow covered apple tree by deck.JPG

Icicles Formed with Mounds of Snow on Shrubs and Evergreens in Front Yard

large icicle and snowy scen looking down path to shed from deck good.JPG

Looking in to the Sun Room with a Beautiful Wintry Display Outside

pink on snow and shrubs looking inside sunroom from outside on deck good.JPG

Inside Sunroom with Snowy Scene Outside

inside sunroom east corner basil aloe vera sculpture snowy scene outside.JPG

Veggies and Herbs Growing Under LED Grow Lights

plants growing under led grow light.JPG

In the courtyard on the other side of the house the growlights created a beautiful scene with the snow mounded honeysuckles and choke cherrry bushes - lets have a look...

Scene From the Courtyard With Snow Laden Honeysuckle

snow on honeysuckle bush and spruce skyline.JPG

I'll leave you with some photos taken from that snowy courtyard in the early dawn light - Enjoy!

In the Early Dawn Grow Lights Highlight Snow Mounds in Bushes

heavy mound of snow on lighted honeysuckle.JPG

snowsculptures on honeysuckle lovely early dawn skyline.JPG

Pop on over to @simplymike to check out her

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This was my October Entry

All pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot

Thanks for stopping by!

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Yuhh in my location qlso fell first snow. And I think my garden outdoor season is almost finished for this year

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Ya, it's always sad to see the outdoor growing season end and here often very abruptly! That is why I'm focusing on doing more indoor growing, in a more controlled environment!

Loved the arches photos, but my favorites were the growlights shining under the snow mounds. But the entire post was just lovely!

I wish I had a sunroom like yours! It was in the original plans decades ago, but no longer. I'm still hoping for a hoophouse.... Speaking of, do you leave the plastic on all winter? Has it ever collapsed from snow load?

We have a strong weaved cover on our hoop house and we take it off every winter - it is easy to do and it lets all that moisture into the ground from the snow.
We don't have any heat in there but just having it covered gives us a couple weeks extended growing season and some seasons it is just what is in the hoop house that will thrive. This year was terrible for peppers and tomatoes with the cool and wet but they were fine in the hoop house.

I miss the snow, so beautiful and just gives an atmosphere that shifts the senses. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

I love the winter wonderland but wish it wasn't so long of a season here. I got some great photos of Jack Frosts artistry that I'll be sharing on one of my #Wednesdaywalk post, as well as more winter wonderland shots!

Awesome, look forward to it :D

That is indeed a winter wonderland! Always amazes me to see pictures of snow like that when it seems so early, but that's probably mostly because summer only just now let go it's toasty claws and let us start to enjoy some cooler weather. We could probably still be growing some things through the fall, but we missed the boat a bit on planting things early enough. Some of my herbs are still hanging on outside, and we've managed to pull off some more hot peppers and what looks to be the last of the cherry tomatoes. Just looking at your grow room makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, though! :)

Ya, I kept going back and salvaging one more thingfrom outside. I bring in alot of things from outside into the sun room. I even dig out some of the smaller plants from the garden that were in the shade and hadn't grown much, potted them up and let them produce inside. That gives me a jump on my salad making stuff until I get more seeds planted and producing.

Okay, I see what you mean about hitting the winter period! It definite is that for you... me, I'm just a wimp who doesn't want to go out into the cold!

We are well prepared for the cold and I find once you get out and moving about it is quite beautiful outside. Even more so since I've gotten more into photography for there are some beautiful winter nature shots to be had!

It is so great that in the middle of winter there is a corner in which it is warm and there are plants!

wow!! You have so much snow already. Hard for me to imagine sitting in fairly hot weather here. Your sunroom looks great!! And good on you that you got those grow lights and are keeping the garden going!!

What a lovely winter wonderland @porters. There is nothing like the faint glow of snow with sunrise, so dreamy. Something I do miss (for a minute, lol) Those grow lights are the answer, you'll be able to continue your gardening well into the winter months. Love it! Beautiful winter photos, love the quiet with snow all around.

Wowzers! I'm not ready for it to be winter yet, but with scenes like this, I might change my mind! Totally jelly of your greenhouse/sun room, and that's wicked cool that the grow lights help with SAD. Happy indoor winter gardening, @porters!

grow lights are amazing, aren't there. I haven't seen that much snow in a long time, well besides the photos you and others share on here, there is snow higher up the mountains here but it rarely comes down to us. It is great that you can keep growing all year and love that picture of JJ he looks well happy with himself xx

I never been in the snow. The place looks very pretty. Though I have no idea about this type of winter.
Planting here, is very easy. The ground is fertile and always green. We don't have to struggle much.

I often forget that some areas of the world can grow year round. How fortunate that you have fertile soils and easier time of growing things! One thing about the killing frosts and snow we don't have as many bug and pest problems on our crops. Winter does have it's own beauty but if you are not accustom to them can seem very harsh indeed!

What gorgeous photos. I love the idea of the snow, but not the idea of the cold.

I've noticed this year that it is a lot warmer than usual, still got flower in the garden in November, but did move the cannabis plant indoors as the neighbours were commenting on its size...

Wow! What a garden! 😍😍 your photos are great. I can only imagine how cold it gets during winter. It's like summer all year round where I am. 😉👍

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Lovely snowy scenes @porters. Your sun room is fantastic looking.

Your indoor garden is awesome. It's scary you already have snow. I wish I could grow cannabis, but it's really not allowed where I live.

I was so happy when they legalized it here in Canada so I can grow my canabis right along with my other herbs!

A lot of my relatives in Canada feel the same way (even some I had no idea liked the stuff).

The snow is beautiful and so welcoming .. at least for a short period of time

Great photos, I got a chill seeing those snow photos. Thank you for a visit into your life. 💕

Bruno’s fur looks even more beautiful cause of the white scenery

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I do like the pictures of the snow on the trellis's. There's something magical about snow that always makes me feel like a giddy little boy again.

When I was in grade school our neighbour grew cannabis in his greenhouse. He left the door slightly ajar one day; my cat got in and ripped it all up. hahaha. It was funny. For me. :)

I know that feeling I get all wide eyed and can spend hours looking at the wonders - plus I work with the pre-k kids so I get to have lots of fun in the snow with them!
Oh my gosh! And your cat was still alive after that!

Oh what a wonderful post. And that chickweed! Still going and going, ultra nutrition in the winter. You have some gift woman.

Sun room lighting gives lovely effect looking in from snow filled garden, one does not consider how you up north battle to keep plants going through the cold winter season.

Snow may be falling, a tad colder to say the least, still looks so pretty to those who never (seldom) see wonderful spectacle of snow @porters.