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Who is giving this away?

Seeds for Generations
Our family business sells organic heirloom vegetable seeds and related gardening products.
This is a way for my kids to learn hard work, diligence, and teamwork, and is a great supplement to their homeschooling curriculum.

What it is:

It has most popular vegetables and some herbs

  • It tells you things like
    • 📅 when to
      • start your seeds indoors (if it's not a direct in the garden type of plant...)
      • transplant or direct sow in the garden.
    • If you should direct seed or start seeds and transplant.
    • Days to germination and recommended temp (in Fahrenheit).
    • Days before or after First Frost to plant.
      • You will need to click on the gold date to enter your last spring frost date.
    • Days to maturity and Earliest Harvest Date

Why I'm sharing this info

I like to garden.

  • Store bought 🍅 tomatoes taste like cardboard!

I start seed indoors, buy transplants and direct sow seed in the garden.

  • This calculator takes all the guess work about when to do each of the above.

I thought some of you fellow gardeners might find it useful, as well.

How to get it:

Go to this web page

  • Give them your email.
    • They will email you a link to the FREE online planting Garden Planning Calendar


  • This may only work in the United States,
    • or maybe the entire northern hemisphere.
      • We are opposite of you who live in the southern hemisphere...
  • You can sort this table.
    • Click on the little box with the down arrow (carat).
      Pick ascending.
      • I'm doing this with both the "Start Indoors" & the "Plant in ground" columns so I can see if I've missed a date and when the next date is I should be doing something.
    • I just discovered I should have planted my bunching onion seed last month. OOPS. Better get on that!

Enjoy & God Bless,

🌽 May you have an abundant harvest this year! 🍉

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This post is awesome. Thanks for sharing this awesomely educational farming information. I've only grown a few herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers so all these resources are super useful! I bet even seasoned gardeners benefit from your post.

You should check out @fibrefox and the Steemit Network of Learning. It's a new project working to create a center for education of all types where we can teach our skills (whatever they may be) to anyone wanting to learn. And vise versa - you could potentially learning anything you chose from a real person who wants to spread their knowledge! Feel free to check it out :)

Hi @amariespeaks, thanks for the mention :) I will definitely add @wizardave's name to my next update because I think this is great information.

thanks @plushzilla :) keeping my eye out for great educators