Delicious, beautiful Orach has sustainably self-sowed herself in our garden

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Purple Orach sprouting at the Homestead

Orach truly is a sustainable, permaculture veggie! It is not a perennial but it perennializes itself by reseeding... abundantly! A relative of Lambsquarters, Orach (pronounced oh-rack) is truly a weed that we do not call a weed - because it is beautiful and tastes even better than spinach IMO, with a hint of saltiness, raw or cooked!

Hundreds of sustainable Purple Orach seedlings

Just look at all these little orach seedlings that have come sprouted towards the end of the rainy season and still continue to sprout now even as the top layer of soil starts to dry out. All we have to do is weed around them! No tilling, no planting! This is a perfect homesteading veggie!

Orach and Larkspur self sowed seedlings in the garden at our homestead

Orach has reseeded itself in numerous places in our garden. We have literally hundreds if not thousands of orach sprouts coming up. That is one less crop that we have to plan and seed this year!

In the above photo Orach is volunteering among Larkspurs that have also reseeded themselves in the same bed! Two volunteer crops for the price of none!! Amazing!

Sustainable Purple Orach reaching for the sun in the homestead garden

Up your gardening game, introduce a new delicious veggie to your kitchen, and start growing Orach this season!

You can learn lots more about Orach, complete with photos, in this post I wrote earlier this year: Purple Orach – Abundant Beauty and Food for your garden!

You can also purchase Purple Orach seeds (as well as Larkspur seeds and plenty of other gardening and homesteading seeds) in our @homesteaderscoop shop.

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Love those self seeders! It's a beautiful looking plant too with the burgundy leaves. I'll have to give it a try!

How cool! I wish I had some. Next time I go down to visit my parents I'll have to come steal some out of your garden. Ha ha!

LOL!! You are welcome any time!

Wooho! Go! Orach 💜 what an awesome crop you've going! Purmacuture #forthewin i am going to research this and see if it will grow up here!

It should grow up there @yogajill!! It is a short season and spring greens :) Or I should say purples!

Can’t wait to plant mine

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You've been visited by @nateonsteemit from Homesteaders Co-op.

That's cool, I've never heard of orach! Better than spinach is a bold claim. I'll have to stop by your store and pick some up soon! You think it'd do okay down here?

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@nateonsteemit - yes it is a bold claim, and my opinion at that! Yeah they should grow great where you are - they are a good spring veggie :)

Soon as I get up the steem, it's yours. :)

Does it tolerate heat well?

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It will bolt with heat like lettuce or spinach, but I find it somewhat more tolerant of heat and slower to bolt than lettuce or spinach. That said its a good spring/early summer greens for warm climates. You've purchased so many seeds from us I will be happy to send you some Orach seeds on the house so that you can save your steem for another HSCO vendor :)

Heck yeah, I'll take em! I think I planted my greens out of season, and none of it is coming up. I can't figure out salads lol

When to plant salads? I planted some in the fall and they didn't come up til spring. I planted some in spring and nada.

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OK You got it! I don't have a lot of experience with Spinach other than realizing its hard to find a good bolt resistant spinach... which makes me think I need to try locally bred spinach seeds. Lettuce can technically be planted any month of the year, but in warmer months it will need extra water to keep it from getting bitter. Lettuce and spinach can tolerate light frost and so you can seed or transplant them fairly early in the season.

I can't wait to grow mine from the seeds you sent me.

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Only a few months to go!

The whistle from 'always look on the bright side of life' entered my head...

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