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RE: We Visited A Mature Permaculture Food Forest! Tasty & Inspiring! We Can Do It!

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful opportunity visiting a mature food forest - I love the idea of food forests - it makes so much more sense for better utilization of the land and a far better way to feed the people of the world. Interesting that it is a University that has developed it - showing some futuristic thinking. I kind of come at "Food forest gardening" from a different angle being that I live in a forest. I like to get to know what is available around me through the seasons, "seeing the abundance" then building on that to expand my food crops for my own needs.


YAY! Seeing a mature FF is a very different things than reading about one. The feel of food producing trees making such a pleasant environment is gorgeous. This is a great exmaple of student initiative and grant money working together to create something truly AWESOME.

You're tuning into to something deep and profound, congratulations. There is so much to harvest, if we only see it... I like yore approach very much. There's book about gardening the forest by Steve Gabriel. I've yet to read it over, but I've heard great things. We are harvesting our first major flush of shiitakes in the forest today and are inspired by the act of turning oak thinnings into edible fungi.


Hey thanks so much for the book recommend - I'm always looking to learn more. Congrats on getting your first crop of shitakes, finding new ways to grow your food by re-purposing. Enjoy!