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More produce in on the way, and things are going great!

It's always interesting to see what'll work out and what may not. With gardening, a lot of time and effort can get invested, so we sincerely hope for a worthwhile harvest, but there is only so much that we can control. After an evening stroll through our garden the other night, I decided to take some photos to show you all how things are progressing.


Out Chinese Red Noodle Beans are starting to really produce. They've been at it for a while, but are really cranking out some beans right now. These are one of my top five garden plants to grow, and I really should have planted more. When you grow them the way that I do, they are really easy to harvest too, as you can see in the photo. A bunch of long, red beans dangling down makes it really easy when they are grown on a cattle panel trellis like that.

The Kiwanos are finally producing mature fruit. The plants can be a mess to deal with, but they do produce well, so we like to grow them. I'll have to come up with a better plan on how to grow them and be able to give them a lot more room to run, but I'm progressing and learning. Plus, we have been able to get some tasty Kiwanos each year we've tried, so we are getting an ROI.

Big thanks to @em3 on this one. The Luffa Gourds are still growing, and our first one is getting really big. After years of wanting to grow these it look like we will be able to get it done. At this point, it looks like this large one should reach full maturity and be able to produce a luffa for us.

Besides that first, large one, a second Luffa Gourd is now growing on the vines too. I'm not sure how many we will get after planting them so late, but I'm glad that we at least tried, since we apparently still did have time. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

I wasn't sure if we'd have time to get the Naranjilla to fruit either, but once we saw flowers, I was hopeful. Now, several fruit are already beginning to set. It would be nice to live in an even warmer climate where these could grow for a few years, but I may be able to grow some in a greenhouse in the coming years and extend their life, so we will see. WE are eagerly awaiting them ripening so we can try them.

Some time ago I experimented with propagating some Rosemary bushes once I found out that they are a perennial here and can overwinter. It tried all sorts of cuttings, even though I knew that the tips would root best. Sure enough, only the tips actually rooted, so the story checked out. Anyway, I'm glad to have this one growing in the garden right now. It's getting bigger every day, and hopefully it'll make it through the winter.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Herb beds are awesome to have on the homestead. We are still learning what will do well in the tropics and what won't. Our soil has been a hindrance too. Plants don't grow well on rocks and sand.

oh waaw really great garden goodies 👍🏻 have a wonderful sunday 😊😊 greetings

Harvesting is getting closer.
I have a question “how will be your garden as the temperature drops at the end of the year ?”
Keep on postin’

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I'm interested in this one @papa-pepper, is there something your planning to do to help with growing some goodies over the winter?

Good news about the garden. We have herbs and sweet potatoes left in the garden. That's a rather exotic menu! Great picture of you with your plants. I love the PoH theme.

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Beautiful many plants there.Very nice.

Gourds are getting big enough to use as weapons.
The garden can be a dangerous place.
Harvest carefully and thoughtfully.



Yeah, the Kiwanos have been referred to as the "mace plant" since a spiky ball grows at the end of a long vine.

Good to see the fruit (vegetable) of your labor.

You are going to be exfoliated in no time!

That's nice you live in a place where you can get multiple crops per year. I can get multiple strawberry crops, but that's about it.

It's cool to see all the different plants that you've been growing. I actually thought the luffa gourd was a type of cucumber, but gourds are good too!

I grew Luffa this year too... but I didn't take off the first flowering blossoms- which are apparently the male blossoms. SO no harvest for me this year, but I did learn a valuable lesson for next year.

I did have some luffa so I was able to make my homemade soap and add a luffa to each bar.

Those red noodle beans look good! I have not planted much since we are focussed on moving to the new land, but we do have passion fruit set, and I an looking forward to eating some of them! Our elephant garlic looks great but we are trying to make it spread, so I am replanting everything for the next couple of years.

The rosemary looks wonderful! What does the Kiwanos fruit taste like? do you make jelly with it our just eat it directly?

Thanks for the tour! Be Blessed.