RE: Spotted : Flowering Spurs On Some Of My Fruiting Plants

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Spotted : Flowering Spurs On Some Of My Fruiting Plants

in gardening •  6 months ago 

We haven't yet bloomed trees in Ukraine, it will happen in a month or two.

Last year the trees blossomed early, then hit the frost and there was almost no crop 😩😩😩. I hope this time my fruit trees will bring a lot of fruits, i have few apple, plum and peach trees in my summerhouse and only one little cherry tree - my favourite one 🤗.

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I understand what you mean with the early blossoms, here, the farmers, just cut them all off and yes, it's really sad that the fruit trees are confused at that bloomin earlier.

Poor trees... I hope to get some fruits this year:) I can buy in the market of course, but i can be sure only that everything grew up in my garden is environmentally friendly.

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