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While I am not in my gardens as much in the winter as I am in the summer, I still enjoy them even in the cold. I have gardens in my yard, but I also garden on my porch. I leave many of my flowers up for winter interest or so that I can harvest and use the seeds in the spring.

On my porch I have a large pot with a trellis in it. In addition to other annuals that I put in that pot, I always grow morning glory so that it will twist and wind up the trellis. I can't grow morning glory in my gardens because the rabbits eat it. I always leave the morning glory there through the winter and then plant the seeds in the spring.

This morning I looked out my dining room window and noticed the sun catching the morning glory. If the wind is blowing just right, the moisture from my furnace blows in the direction of this pot and trellis. It is so cold here, but there is very little wind. When that happens, I get these beautiful ice creations on the morning glory. When the sun catches them, I think they are beautiful because it lights them up.


This is the pot with the trellis and morning glory still in it. The ice forms on it like hair.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed my icy garden pictures.


They are beautiful!

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I'm pretty sure that is known as hoar frost. Beautiful!

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