Wild Boars, Butterflies, & Seasonal Indicators

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I read today that,

“Schoolkids in Marudi could recall that their uncles would hunt boar after the appearance of a particular butterfly, but they could not recall which butterfly it was or when it appeared.”

Such disconnected earth - human relations are par for the course in our modern age, but we want to change that and we know we aren’t alone in this bid for more intimate earth connection.

Just as cutleaf toothwort, spring beauty and spicebush are showing their flowers after the dormancy of winter, nettle is popping its head up and morel season will come on in a few weeks. Daffodils are sending up their lovely yellow flowers while toads and frogs lay and fertilize their eggs in waters everywhere.

(Cutleaf Toothwort: image source)

Spring is in the air and it is a nuanced thing.

We have learned this within our fourth year, imagine the informative wealth of millenniums wherein a specific mushroom shows its head or a particular beloved plant appears related to this or that event.

I’ve seen a few Zebra Swallowtails out lately which feed on Paw Paws, for example. These are the things we must keep alive, resurrect if they are dead and remember if they are lost.

(Zebra Swallowtail: image source)

We love in increasingly disenchanted times as species diversity and ecosystem devastation happens at an unparalleled rate- it is, sadly, par for the course for our generation.

As the author mentioned above says,

“‘Nostalgia’ is the word we use to describe the bittersweet evocation of precious feelings that lie just beyond reach in the past. Often the emotion arises during rites of passage or out of the intricate matrix of personal history, memory and place, but what word or phrase adequately describes the feelings evoked by repeatedly observing the disappearance of an entire landscape, a people, a language, a way of life? It is akin to forever showing up for the last scenes of a tragedy in which one can glimpse, but never fully experience, the past glory of the protagonist.”

From The Ragged Edge of the World by Eugene Linden

As a human who has grown up with this existential threat over my head my entire life, I am not willing to see the degradation of our earth reach its peak climax. Though consumption and capitalism may try to overwhelm the earth in their crazy infectious nature on human behavior, I wager that earth connection is more a intimately satisfying and sustainable option in the long run.

I vote for knowing our seasonal identifiers' name, species and interconnections for a better way forward.

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We must always maintain the ecosystem on the earth, so that interactions will continue to be made between the ecosystem components. Damaging one of these components will make life on earth unbalanced. I want our earth to stay green and fresh air everywhere. the picture of the flower and the butterfly is very beautiful. I like it.


thanks and well said. i think that is the desire and intention of many humans - yet the question remains, how do we make that happen when gov't and corporative interests go against basic rights of life?

thanks for your comment! :)

Where is this sweet carved heart? I love it! The tiger butterflies are so beautiful, I remember I was able to get a few photos when we visited! Maybe we'll see them this year. With all of your blooming fruit trees and berries you'l have more and more butterflies and birds, so exciting! oxoxo


that cute little heart is at gene & chris' place, heartwood- such a sweet sweet place.

bring your camera! there will be some beautiful happenings while you're here- can't wait for you to come! love you!

Love the Cutleaf Toothwort, never seen it before. I am continually astounded at how little people who even live out in the country know about the natural world around them. So much important knowledge is being lost....


Yeah it is a lost awareness connection in so many places- and it’s increasing! Even more important for us to keep the information alive and share it!!

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Most definately -

that earth connection is more a intimately satisfying and sustainable option

It can be so disheartening when the powers to be do not think like this but through perseverance and nurturing the earth, being more and more familiar with natures flora and fauna and it's many cycles your part of the world can remain a paradise.
You are doing marvelous things on your land there, being a bright light in these disenchanted times!

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💚💚💚💚💚💚 thanks @porters for your wise, comforting and encouraging words! You too!! 💚💚💚💚

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