Mountain Jewel Goes to Baker Creek

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This past weekend was the annual Baker Creek spring planting festival and it happened to be our first outreach/vending event. We put a lot into it and wanted to share a little of our experience.

Baker Creek is a large heirloom seed company that began as a Jere Gettle’s passion for gardening and has since grown into a well-known company that ships rare and heirloom seeds worldwide.

Every year 10 000 people attend the festival in Mansfield MO (an hour away from us) to connect around all things gardening and Earth based. We were honored to have a booth as part of the Rural Renaissance tent, a group focused on local community and permaculture.

We both knew this was going to be a big event, and we did all we could to prepare for it.

Everything from preparing plants for sale, designing and printing business cards, making signs and informational material and getting ready for sales. We formed a of lot of new paths and our next event wont be quite so much ground work. This was the first time we’d show up in public sphere in a big way and we wanted to represent what we’re all about; a perennial Earth based lifestyle.

Plant rack of berries, lavender and goldenseal for sale.

More than selling items, this event was all about outreach.

We made some great connections and gained insights into where people’s interests lie and what direction to head. We were offering a number of Rubus species, goldenseal plants, tinctures, books, worm kits and germinated paw paw seeds. There was A LOT of talking and it took us a few days to recover.

Mountain Jewel has been waiting to be born in both of us for quite a while.

The past few years we have been focused on establishing our homestead infrastructure, but now another layer is unfolding. This represents a phase where we touch the lives of others through connection, inspiration and empowerment.

We believe in what we’re doing and we want to share that with others. The vision for a bioregional permaculture nursery is in the nascent stages and we are starting to gather interest for educational and community involvement opportunities for this year’s straw bale house build.

Ini giving a talk on Sprouting

What this event shows us is the importance of showing up. We were unsure weather we were prepared enough, but soon realized that we had been preparing for this for years. Every work exchange opportunity, workshop, book, experiment and curiosity led us to this place. We have a true passion and desire to share the benefits of permaculture and living in connection with the earth.

Rural Renaissance Community members placing their locations within the Ozark Bioregion map

We were well received and had some very supportive responses.

Overall the event was a success and after recovering we are looking forward to future events including workshops and work parties on our land! We're all in it together and it's at events like this where we can come together and really feel that. We extend our gratitude to all of the organizers who made this event possible :)

David Haenke talking about putting the eco back in economics.

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Looks like an amazing time! I miss doing eco stuff.

We were so elated to meet you! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and reinvigorate our interest in the Steemit community. We are so happy to go down this new path and interact with a whole new group of like-minded people.


The meeting elation is mutual! happy yall stopped by. I hope you'll find this community as welcoming and kind as we have! All the best and welcome.

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That's awesome. Sounds like a really great day... you both are sooo ready to showcase who you are and all you have achieved and your visions!!! Congrats. Must have been fun to interact with people who are passionate about similar things.


Thanks dear for saying so! It was satisfying to connect on this level! It’s good to get out in the community. All of the talking really took it out of us though! Weren’t expecting that. Love you

I just love your signage! I do hope you did as well as you wanted to. You certainly were prepared. And my fav photo was the first one, of you 2. :))


Thanks! We did put a lot I'm and had a great (if exhausting) couple of days. We made out Ok on sales, but the best was connections and clarity for our future focus. Hint it has to do with paw paws..

Ah, this looks amazing - you guys are smiling all the time! Very valuable experience it seems, I hope you can continue to grow from here :-)


Ya, our faces hurt a little bit. It was indeed very valuable and we certainly are excited to continue growing in many ways! Thanks for the support.


Hahaha - hope your face has recovered in the meanwhile :')

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We were so impressed with Baker's Creek when we visited! How cool is that you were able to be vendors this year!

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Yes, thanks!

so epic!!! did ya'll recond ini's presentation? i would LOVE to see it! :) gosh ya'll inspire dang MUCH!


How is it that you make me blush... No recording this time but we do have a link to a previous presentation I gave. Inspiration is symbiotic dear friend.

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How cool y'all were able to make local bonds and tell folks about what you're doing!

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What an inspiring, diverse, organic (pun intended) community event. It looks so fresh and colourful and alive - especially the radiant smiles. Haha... had to sit down at the $10 price tag on some of the plants...!! LOL - a gorgeous rose bush about 18 inches tall in flower will set you back about 80 cents here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. LOL. A hopeful, encouraging and sweet community post!

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This is so awesome. I have always wanted to go to Baker Creek Spring planting festival to meet people like you! Your plants look so healthy. Congratulations guys!


Thanks for the support! It's well worth the effort getting there as there is a lot of awesome to go round.

Phenomenal! Congratulation on getting out there. I know how much hard work goes into attending events, exhilarating yet exhausting work! What an event to attend though!! We have nothing quite like that here.

I struggle with the homesteading "label" because it does not really fit who we are but it's the only mainstream buzz word that people connect to. After reading your description my heart is fluttering. If there was ever a label that made my heart happy it is this!! -->

a perennial Earth based lifestyle. ♥. ♥. ♥


A www. Fluttering heart... Love it.

I hear you on " homestead"' it doesn't quite say it all. Sometimes labels don't fit, but enticing with buzzwords can catch attention.

It was indeed quite the event, and we were happy to be a part of it.

Hoping you do find resonance at any events you have access to though. Cheers