Grass and Japanese Beetles are not my friends!

in gardening •  5 months ago

One thing I do not like is mowing the lawn, its time consuming (I could be doing other productive things).

Got the mower gassed up, hooked up and ready to go.

I had to mow it twice!!






Its really just a never-ending pain in the ass!


Got the garden weeded.
I have sprayed the beetles with a dishsoap/water spray a few times now and it hasn't helped, I will be checking Canadian Tire on Sunday for other options to rid these beetles

Check out my compost! Its growing spaghetti squash, lol.
Now, should I leave this compost to grow those squash and just start my compost in the other bin?!?!


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Beautiful lady cutting grass in such a nice and shiny day

Ewww, damn two passes! Double ewww!!
But at least you have a kick ass toy to mow with. Hope you had some music to listen to. That helps a ton, same with ice tea and popsicles.
You should plant wild flowers and let them take over. So if someone complains say you are planting food for the bees. Let’s see them argue about not feeding bees! LOL


I don’t think anyone would complain, you wouldn’t notice I didn’t do it unless you are right in my yard and that wouldn’t fly with me, lol.
Last year I mowed only out front a few times but not in the yard, so everyone could assume I did all the lawn ;)

Living in Canada I thought you’d be doing more snow removal than mowing. I’d rather mow.


We do lots of snow removal, from October at the earliest to March/April at the latest. I like to plow snow, its done with the truck. :)


That’s about our snow season in PA too. Let the truck do the work.

You can just transplant those squashes and still use the compost. Or leave them, they'll probally be quite happy growing there.


Sweet, if I can get rid of these damn beetles I will transplant 'em into the garden, until then I guess they are good in the compost.