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I've tried to grow mint for a couple of years.

I'm not sure what I do wrong but it does not catch on and keep on growing like a perennial.

This year, I'm trying something new. Starting some plants inside the house. It all began when we were shopping for groceries and picked up a pack of mint leaves.

We brought the package of fresh mint home with us and opened up the pack and put all the leaves in a glass of water. A week later, we had roots

Next week, I will pot these and get fresh oregano and basil and try the same technique. It's snowing today so this is the only gardening I can do but oh, it is so satisfying.


I've had the opposite experience in the past! I planted some mint seeds, and then it took over the yard! Thankfully, it's a problem for someone else now, as my family has moved on LOL!

What type of lighting are you keeping these slips in? South facing window? Grow lights?

South facing window. I had heard that, mint would take over but alas, no such luck here. It's supposed to keep ants and mice and mosquitoes away.

I had no idea about keeping ants, mice and mosquitoes away! Hot damn, looks like I'm going to start some mint! I wonder if it would fare OK in a container. I refuse to let it take over my new property!

I've planted mint in a pots and buried the pots. That keeps it contained. The roots are what go crazy.

Watch out! Like @syntacticsugar said, mint can take over! I think if you buy a mint plant (or better yet, dig some up from a neighbors' yard) they might take off. I love mint and would love to have a whole yard of it!

I got 2 plants from Judy at bridge and planted them and nothing happened. There is a spot here where they can grow wild and not bother us...My next challenge is poppies. I have no luck with them at all.

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