Aquaponic Turnips, Jack The Lad gives it a good pull.

in #gardening4 years ago


I have been playing around with my aquaponic system and this year I thought I would try and grow some Norfolk Purple Top Turnips. It seems to work great. I have about 12cm of river stones in the bottom of my grow bed and above them I have about 20cm of clay pellets. The river stones are heavy and quite tight but the clay pellets move easily so the vegetables can expand with no problems. I got some carrots in the back there as well, they’re going to get a good pull soon.


Oh man, me and my Turnip. How good is that.


This is great :] You deserve many more upvotes.

Aquaponics is amazing, I have never had the equipment to grow food with aquaponics. But my fish tank hasn't had a "Filter" in 3 years now... just a golden pothos inside the aquarium pump :]

I feel like some of your plants maybe suffering from iron deficiency.

Thanks, i am just a novice trying out various ideas. Why do you think the plants are low in Iron? What clues tell you this? Cheers.

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