How to revive dry out vegetables with water

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Today I just wanted to demonstrate a quick way to rejuvenate dried out vegatable just by soaking it in a bowl of water. It goes without saying for the miraculous recovery water can provide to all humans and plants alike. In this example, I will use my wilted-out bunch of peppermint for a short duration of one hour.

Here’s a small bunch of mints removed from the fridge. It was in there without water for about a week....

I spread it out in a bowl and then soaked it in water. Left it alone. There’s the mints after 30 minutes in water..

After thirty minutes, I removed all unreviable leaves and end stems. Then resoaked in water for another thirty minutes....

And voila, a handful of fresh mints for your cooking and eating enjoyment!!! Well, I used it as part of a delicious lettuce wraps for lunch this afternoon.

I hope this simple tip helps you to revive just about most dried out vegatables. And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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I just wanted to make a Comment since no one else has after TEN Hours time. @islandliving you can revive me anytime.............


LOL, let me drown you in some water!!!! Thank you for commenting! Aloha!