Our Giant Papalo Plant

in gardening •  2 months ago

Papalo Plant

We got some seeds from being a Patron of @mericanhomestead and decided to plant them this year. We never expected the plant to get THIS BIG!

When I first tried papalo, I didn't like it. I was thinking of cilantro while eating it and while there is some similar flavor to cilantro, it's certainly not the same. Lately, I've been nibbling on the leaves and have developed a taste for this unique plant.

The flavor reminds me of a combination of parsley, cilantro and green pepper. There is another sort of 'smoky' flavor that's unusual. I could imagine these on a taco or in a salad. @lturner added it to some Mexican style soup the other day and it was very flavorful. You can't miss it.

When the wind is blowing the right direction into the house from the doorwall, we can smell the papalo growing. It's a pleasant plant indeed!

Have you ever tried growing papalo? Do you like the taste?


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spice plants are always nice to keep, if not for the food for the smells they bring.

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howdy sir ironshield this fine Monday! no sir never heard of it but if it's that good I'd try growing it if I had any plants or a garden! lol.

The flavor reminds me of a combination of parsley, cilantro and green pepper.

All I can say is, yuck! I'm not a cilantro person and peppers sadly turns my stomach. I like parsley though in a chicken or in a sauce. I guess some tastes are acquired but this is one I'm not eager to try ;)

Ah the papalo, I have heard Zac talk about it for years but never have grown it.