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RE: We Visited A Mature Permaculture Food Forest! Tasty & Inspiring! We Can Do It!

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Hi friends. You take and amazing video. Thank you for showind us that another way is possible. Now i am living in Buenos Aires city, Argentina, but my dream is move to patagonia and do a king of self-sufficient piece of land. PLease keep od posting more content like this.

I have a question for you: With this permacultural forest can you generate a different weather for plants ??? What i am trying to say is for example if i want to plant a Papaya in a place wich is dry, can i replied a wet ecosistem with the permacultura for them to grow ???

Thanks and keep posting please.

@ignacioarreses, first Argentinian Dtuber


Hey. Good to hear from you and happy you enjoyed the video. It is a huge passion of our's to share and highlight all the great ways of living more sustainably. We will for sure keep the content coming.

That's a great question, and the best answer I always hear in regard to such question is it depends. Each situation is uniqes, but yes it is possible to change the site conditions. You can certainly attract and hold more moisture by planting trees and mulching or creating Swales or other features. Our approach is to simply plant what loves the condition that already exist, so there's less change needed. Change often happens slowly. Thanks for stopping by. ;)

Sure , i am agree i catch your idea. More simple is better as always.

Thanks for your amazing answer, I ll stay tune with chour content, i like it a lot !

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