Our 2019 Springtime garden is almost ready to be planted.

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2019 garden.jpg

The starts are coming up and looking healthy!

The weather is nice, Springtime is here, which means it is almost time to start planting. YAY!!!

We got some kale, lettuce, cabbage, cali flower, stevia, rosemary, celery, and three kinds of peppers: jalapeno, California gold, and regular golden peppers.

So you know what I'm going to be doing this week ;-). Tilling the garden, digging in the dirt, getting it ready. My favorite time of year! Because it means the snakes are coming out now too... Really big smile!!!

More starts and gardening coming soon. This is just the beginning.

I'm Theo aka Rainbow Man and here is the PROOF!
2019 garden proof.jpg
PROOF of starts. Now to get ready to start planting these...

Thanks for looking and happy gardening!

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I'm getting started on mine too! Gonna try Chili's this year as an experiment ;)

Nicely done. Everything looks very organized and healthy.

This is my first time reviewing your blog. Hope you have as many colors growing in your garden as there are colors on your shirt and hat.


Hey thanks! You haven't seen nothing yet. Sometimes I go full rainbow on these fuckers. When my son gets a little bigger I'm hoping to start making gun videos again. I made a few last year.

You grow tomatoes? Can't imagine summer with no tomatoes.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J raupers Jr USA


Oh we'll be growing tomatoes. We aren't ready for them yet.

you got a lot of spring pre work done by the looks of things, nice.

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