One day time lapse of my radish seedlings!

in #gardening5 years ago

It's pretty crazy how "alive" plants are when you speed up a day in their lives! Check this out:

These are a windowsill bed of radishes that I grew a while ago. I am getting more and more into time lapses these days, so expect more here on Steemit Gardening.

By the way, if you haven't grown radishes ever...give them a shot

  • Extremely forgiving crop
  • Fast turnaround time of 28-35 days
  • Can be interplanted amongst plants that need more space between them (brassicas, etc.)
  • Many varieties to try, from sakurajima to cherry belle

That's all for today - sorry for the short one! I'm working on some big gardening projects, so expect those soon :)

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My name is Kevin and I run a website called Epic Gardening, where it is my goal to teach 1,000,000 people how to garden. Now that I've found Steemit, I'm going all in on this community and sharing as much as I can here. You'll find me writing about gardening, business, health, and philosophy - I can't seem to stick to one topic :P

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Pretty cool post

Wonderful knowledge to share
Lovely work

Thanks friend!

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Yum, just picked some good bunches earlier for a dinner salad. Yes, love the forgiveness of things like radishes and greens with the quick turnaround. It's nice to have multiple chances at a crop over the course of the season. If you mess up something like celeriac or parsnips, forget about it - you have to wait until next year.

We all could take a lesson from radishes and focus on forgiveness!

I love that way of putting it! Radishes are definitely Mother Nature's way of teaching us forgiveness. But let's be honest, radishes better exist because almost every other plant can be an exercise in frustration ;)

Amazing how quickly they can grow. I just picked up a packet of radish seeds that reach full maturity in 18 days! Gonna plant them tomorrow to see!

18 days, really? What's the cultivar?!

"Saxa II" - The package says "popular European radish that matures in just 3 weeks"

Insane. I'm ordering some now!

That is very cool !! - ))

i really like your initiative !! - ))
" .. my goal to teach 1,000,000 people how to garden. Now that I've found Steemit, I'm going all in on this community .. "
.. swinging for the MOON !! - ))

i can appreciate THAT - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

Doing what I can to help people out! Thanks for stopping by my friend

.. and YES YOU ARE !! - ))

i hope you will stop by my BLOG .. ??-))
... and leave a link on (( THE DAILY PULL )) -))

NO up-votes "nor" reSTEEMs necessary !! !!
i suspect you and your initiative(S) will be warmly welcomed !!!

HappY MONDAY - ))))


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That's neat. I knew they grew fast but that is impressive.

I've got some radish seeds I think. I will try planting some in the greenhouse. I'll see what they can do this late in the year.

They'd do well under supplementary lighting, too!

Just you actually leave the music on for the plants...and if so, have you done any experiments with music styles affecting plant growth...such as classical vs. rock? I have read of such studies in the past and found it interesting.

It's funny you should say that, just last night I watered all my houseplants while playing music to them...but I don't make it a habit! I have read the studies as well, but never experimented deeply with it...

I noticed the classical music playing in your time lapse and thought it was playing in real time....didn't occur to me that the music would have been sped up as well! Duh!

Radishes are pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing this time-lapse video. This just added more curiosity.

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