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RE: Grow Your Own Food! 🌱🌿🍓 - Easy to build DIY hydroponic system - LOW BUDGET

in #gardening5 years ago

Great post! thanks for going so in depth with the design! I own a hydroponics store in the US and have been into it for a long time as well. I have yet to venture into NFT, mostly flood and drain and drip systems so far. I have a space in the future I would like to build NFT and will definitely keep this in mind. Good luck with things!


Thank you very much my friend.
We are actually working on our new space in the last few month.
Been staying in a smaller place so far, but now we took some larger space to be able to showcase all of our the plan is to have as many growing techniques as possible.

We gonna be putting : NFT both vertical and horizontal , DWC, some aeroponic units, floating rafts, wall farms, you name it....and there going to be a whole section for indoor growing,.
Also one of the major hassle i had in the last place was the maintenance, having to take care of several systems growing plants was time consuming, so now the whole thing is going to be fully automated...

Anyhow very excited .. :)

Thanks for the comment, i wish you luck as well on all your endeavors :)
Hope to talk more in the future!

you too @carpedimus, that is amazing. Sounds like you have some really great things going👍 Look forward to keeping up on your posts.

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