How to clone your basil (it's super easy). Basil mania at home!

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I turned one plant into 20 in just a few couple of weeks. With this super simple method to clone your basil you can have homemade pesto for dinner every day if you like!

All you need is:

  • One plant of basil, like a regular cheap one from the supermarket.
  • A sharp knife.
  • Soil and some pots or hydroponic vessels if you like.

Step 1: Cutting

Take your plant, the sharp knife and a glass of water. Pick a spot (or several) where the stem splits, this is the growth zones. Remove (eat) the pair of leaves just above the spot to give some extra power to the plant and to get a longer stem without leaves. Cut the stem just above the spot and put the cutting directly in a glass of water.




Step 2: Planting

Put the glass in a place with light (sun or LED) and wait for a couple of days. Then you will see some fresh roots (this can also be a nice decoration). Wait for about 2 weeks. Prepare a pot with soil. Take the plant and put it carefully in the soil. Put some soil on top of the roots and water it. You can also move it to a hydroponic vessel without soil.

Make sure that the plant never get dry. Wait and see the baby basil plant become a huge bush. The bigger pot the bigger plant. You will have more basil than you can eat!






All the basil above is cloned from just one plant

Good luck and please ask if you have any questions!

Best, Moa <3

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Whoa! Look who's back! I love propagating plants! I should do my basil! Thanks much!

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Haha, it looks like attack of the basil clones in those last photos! Thank you for the tips.

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I heard you have to cut the stem at an angle.

Oh my goodness, I am definitely going to try this! I have some basil in a pot on the patio that has only few leaves left, but lots of tiny ones that I though would grow bigger. Well, they are just turning kind of yellow, so I am giving up on that idea now! Lets see, if your method going work on my poor basil, lol. Thank you for sharing 🌿😊🌿

This method never works for me. It wilts and then rots.