Jolly June! Perennial Power!

in gardening •  7 months ago

June is really the best month for my yard in terms of perennial blooms. For the in-between times I usually , by now, have put in a ton of annuals plus I would have done my pots for the patio (Here's last year's pot post

But this year we are doing some work on the house and we've been away on weekends and I was running a fundraiser for the local education foundation, so I just haven't kept up this year. C'est la vie.

Thankfully there are the perennials.

This one below is approximately same place in the garden as my @gardenlady blog photo. But wow, what a difference a few years make! The hachinachloa has gotten ginormous, the woodland blue phlox didn't make it through the winter, and the heuchera is also ginormous. I didn't even fertilize this year! I also see astilbe, goat's beard, iris and hosta. I have to say that the hosta definitely reacted negatively to no fertilizer...usually they are the ginormous ones.


Below is the same bed from the other end. You see the daylillies, astilbe and goat's beard. Still to come in the bloom-department is the monkshood, sedum, and caryopteris. I have nothing growing on my etegere - def need to get a pretty clematis there. Or any other ideas?


Here is the wonderful cotinus! AKA smoke bush. This is along my driveway. The plant had gotten uncontrollably large plus had damage from the early April snow storm, so it was cut down to almost the ground. Look how full it is! It will probably grow another 3 feet or so this summer. HOWEVER, by cutting it in the spring, all the 'smoke' flowers have been sacrificed. My advice is to cut this plant down everyother year to keep it under control and also to enjoy the 'smoke'.


Okay, now I'm just being a show-off...I highlighted the hydrangea yesterday ( but they are irresistable!!


What's growing in YOUR garden??

Happy gardening everyone!


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Goddang, I was too late to vote sob! I'm sorry!!

I'm growing lavender and Bamboo!!!


Goddang! I have not been on steemit in a while! I've been vacationing about- and all I've got is my iPad. I thought I didn't save my password on this gizmo, but lo! I pressed upvote on your comment and miraculously my password saved right there.

I'd love to see your lavender. I'll try to post mine tomorrow.

But about your bamboo....what kind? Hopefully not the mad invasive kind


Phylostachys Nigra! The black stuff. It can be invasive but not in colder countries where a bit of snipping of some new canes keeps it under control. It has reached about 12 feet! My lavender is doing ok, it is in its second year so not too big!


you are brave with the black bamboo! Certainly keeps the neighbors out 😉


Hehe, it's sole purpose... I mean, it no, is merely for aesthetics!! ;0D

Great garden. My hydrangeas are just coming into bloom. Do you have any problems with slugs and your hosta's and if so how do you control them


I don't have slug problems but I hear a tin full of beer will do the trick!


Yes but remember to just use cheap beer and save the expensive stuff to drink :-)


lovely garden #flower.
we grow in garden many flowers. 2 mango trees is also present


I don't have any fruit trees! It would be fun to have mangoes - but can you eat them all or do they tend to fall off and just lay there for the varmints?

great capture, i love it

Loved seeing these photos of your gardens. :)) I think you are right, a clematis for the etegere. I will also be looking for one, as the one by the front door died this winter.

@gardenlady like the click!

Great month this has been nice to see the growth it always put a smile on my face : )

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The flowers are so beautiful!

What a beautiful garden !!
I also love my garden, next to grass and flowers I have a vegetable garden that I really like. I cannot name all my flowers because sometimes I do not know the name in Dutch, let alone in English. But I am very fond of my phloxes.


I love phlox!!