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The song - everyone knows it right?

Well, that is the tune that has been running through my mind ever since I found a branch of my tree peony broken off and lying on the ground!!! whaaaaaah!


The tree peony flowers are SUCH show-offs and get SO large, which is magnificent, but this year we keep getting these all day rains, and I came out and bam! The flower got so heavy it snapped the whole stalk down.

The thing that is most annoying is that tree peonies are fairly slow growers. I've nursed this thing for at least 10 years now, and what? 3 blooms this year? pathetic.

Okay, so I'm an experienced gardener, but sometimes you gotta just say 'f*ck it!" and move on. (oh yes, we gardeners have filthy mouths!) I like interesting plants, and kudos to those who have the patience, but sometimes I would just rather have reliability!!! Okay, so I"m not going to dig it out, but Well, I'm not going to fret over it either. I mean, there are a TON of regular peonies with tons of buds ready to bloom next! YAY!

Anyone have better luck with their tree peonies?

Happy Gardening everyone!


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I am in Michigan and I swear,they have moved the state to the Pacific Northwest! It rains every single day!!!


LOL, They did; you must not have gotten the memo.

That's too bad. I know this rain is crazy. I'm in SEPA and my garden is screaming for some sun and warmer temps.


yes, weather just hasn't made up its mind yet!

Peonies are very popular here too. And to have one that large break you deserve to say it like it is. Mostly they are bushes here.
Gardening is not always easy.