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Did you know wildflowers often bloom only after they have survived the winter? I planted this row of wildflowers last year, and this week another one popped open full of life. Even a little armored insects was waiting inside to pose for the morning photo opportunity.

Maybe my little insect friend will become a worldwide steem sensation!


This type of flower seems to be long-lasting because the blooms close up at night when it senses the colder air. The spiral twist of the petals allow the petals the contract like a twist-top bag.

When the warm air surrounds it, the sunlight opens everything up to full beauty again.


Another wildflower I planted in the same batch last year. It is also long lasting, and seems to be opening more and more and more blooms daily. No signs of any of the older flowers weakening yet.

Think I have seen this shade of orange before in Thai coconut curry sauce.


Mom's lavender plant has been blushing grape purple buds on her birthday. A very joyful fuss-free plant. This plant requires barely any water, thrives in poor soil, and enjoys the hottest days.


One of my favorite things about lavender is they deter slugs. I bet a spay with lavender water on the leaves would deter many pests on the leaves of tender plants and vegetables.

I also found out lavender is easy to root. I picked off some green shoots this year and planted them around my cabbage, and it seems to be helping to deter slugs from eating young seedlings and tender leaves. The scent also seems to be warding off aphids around a 10 inch zone.


Cross your fingers!

This is my corn patch, where I am eagerly growing the three sisters, hoping to get my first pumpkin to ripen. Never done it before. I think this is the year it could happen. Four of my pumpkin vines seem to be thriving this year. I think the weather this year has been ideal for the right growing conditions.


Every day I get to wake up to find another one of these bright pumpkin blossoms welcoming the warmth of the morning sun.

When I snapped this photo, I was mesmerized by the stage lighting within the shadows. The music from the opera Carmen was chanting through my mind as I imagined these wrinkly new buds opening for the first time to sing an alluring aria to me.



Soon, I can be expecting to find small clusters of grapes appearing. Last year I got to try the first fruits, and they were delish!


Not everything in the yard is sweetness and carefree. This invader has been returning from the roots every year. Each summer I dig out as much as I can. Don't ever plant trumpet vine near the lawn or a tree, because it is extremely invasive. I've been tackling this plant every year since we moved here because the previous homeowners let it grow all around a maple tree. This little flower is such a heavy spreader, it killed the tree!


These are the orange Asiatic lilies. They grow well near the side of the house where they receive afternoon shade.


This seems to be the month when all of the flower's mom picked seem to be blooming. Have to say she did a good job choosing this rose.


The flower petals are a deeper hue on the back, and a softer white on the front. The petals are as creamy soft as a luxurious lotion.



The red radish is ready for breakfast. French Breakfast to be exact.


French Breakfast is the name of this mildly spicy radish with a beet red top. The tip under the soil will be white, along with the crispy flesh inside.


This yellow flowers are either from the daikon radish or the brussels sprouts. I can't remember which one it is. We'll find out soon when it's time to cut it back.


Strawberry season has begun. Some people like the really big berries, but I usually find that the small ripened ones are loaded with more sweetness and flavor.


Thank you for viewing my photos and my garden. It is my joy to share the pleasures of my life with my steem viewers.

Enjoy the gift of life each day my friends!

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You have a beautiful garden. I like the wild; I always want to source wildflowers from the forest and bring them to my garden. Wild flora, in my experience, are much hardier

Loved that rose! How lovely! Glad everything is doing so well. :))

You have a beautiful garden. I like the wild; I always want to source wildflowers from the forest and bring them to my garden. Wild flora, in my experience, are much hardier

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Nice post flower

Your garden is really showing nicely!