Just another cacti post....

in gardening •  22 days ago 

Evening Steemers,
I hope you have all been taking profits and buying the dips!!!

Today I share some more cacti pictures with you, I hope you enjoy.

A beautiful Ben x Sharxx pup grafted onto a pacanoi to pump up the vigour, which is working an absolute treat!

Grafted onto the same pacanoi is this staunch macrogonus pup, such a solid and beautifully coloured specimen.

A Fields PC pup in all its glory 😍 and yep you guessed it, grafted to the same pacanoi.....A truly epic sight in real life!!!

And finally,

A shit tonne of rare cacti crosses grown from seed, these need potting up and feeding a.s.a.p. and will hopefully fetch the owner a pretty penny at the market.

Thanks again for taking your time to check out my posts, may this steem thing moon!!

Happy gardening,

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I have that one, or something very similar!
The babies are looking great :)