Beautiful Sunday With A Bouquet of Fresh Organic Vegetables from My Garden

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Everyone has their own version of "beautiful Sunday". My version this time comes from the produce of my organic garden.


I don't harvest all my vegetables. I leave a little in my garden. There are vegetables that are already in the flowering stage.



On Sunday morning after getting up early, I went to my little garden and decided to harvest pakcoy.

Actually, I was a few days late to harvest them. So the result isn't really great I think.


In my vegetable box, it was my first attempt to make the place a growing medium. So this time I decided I wasn't going to grow pakcoy there. The results weren't that great.


So in the future, I will look for other places to plant Pakcoy. Meanwhile, the place here is suitable for planting.

For harvesting techniques, I pulled the pakcoy plants. Actually, we can only harvest the stems, but only if the plant is in good condition.


I don't think the condition of my pakcoy plants is that good because I made some mistakes. Perhaps because the pakcoy plant is mixed with other types so that the plant does not want to grow optimally.

So for future planting, I will not repeat my mistakes. I'm not going to mix two types of vegetables in the same field box.

I have the pleasure of capturing photos with a bouquet of my crops. It looked like a bouquet of flowers but only in one color.


I'll be sautéing them for the daily dishes. It doesn't take long for them to cook to keep their texture crunchy and their delicious flavor.

Because these vegetables are organic, they taste very fresh and there is natural sweetness. The stems are crunchy too.


Although the results are not too much compared to when we just bought vegetables at the market cheaply, growing your own vegetables organically in the garden is very beneficial for self-development and can reduce stress from our daily activities.

Happy Sunday!


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