Garden Update 7 finally some rain!

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It has been so hot and dry for the last month. We finally had a real rain! We are on the verge of our first fros t I'm guessing on Sunday. About a week later than usual. I will be covering my hoops to save the garden for a little while longer. IMG_1734.JPG
The trees are telling us to get ready winter is coming.
I did manage to save one green bean plant from the bunnies and it is producing like crazy.
I also harvested my first carrots of the year. They were a late planting to. Kinda stubby but delicious!
Also looks like I will see some good production from my late cilantro crop.
We have finished canning and freezing everything we are going to for the year. And will just enjoy what produce we get before it freezes. I wrote the above on Saturday.
Update it froze last night ! We had no warning our low was supposed to be 40 degrees. So I will have to see what is left this morning .

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Rain is always so refreshing!
You have as many green tomatoes left as I do. They just won't change to that bright red

Time to be making marinara sauce now


I am glad that you were able to get some rain! We have been wanting it to rain to keep everything, like our grass and small experimental garden, growing for a few weeks. I hope that you will still be able to get a few items from your garden and that the cold did not affect them to bad.


A skated by and my garden is still intact. If you are gardening in a small space look int square foot gardening. Lots of produce from a small space. I have room but prefer this method as it is less work and more food.


I am glad to hear that you garden is still okay! After looking into it, this is kind of what I am trying to do. I was using the top half of an IBC tank with a take on Back to Eden gardening using grass clippings instead of wood chips. This was just an experiment to see if it was something we would incorporate next year. So far, it looks like we might.


Cool it s ammzing how much food you can harvest from a 4x4 square area. I have a new plat that I covered with cardboard then leaves then branches then grass last fall hoping to plant into it this next spring.