Garden Update 6 so dry.! But harvesting continues

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The black hills have been very hot and dry for the past couple weeks . The harvest continues. We are harvesting peas, cucumbers, apples , and tomatoes this week my wife put up another doezen pints of apple sauce and cooked down about 2 quarte of tomatoes that we froze. IMG_1692.JPG

I will be making another batch of apple ale and taking my first shot at an apple Meade .
Here is a pic of one of our frozen tomatoe containers. Yes that is the corn we froze last week in the back ground . IMG_1700.JPG
This is yesterday's cucumber picking .
And maybe stuffed zucchini for supper.

The fall onions are doing so good that I think I will save one bag of bulbs every year for fall planting.
Fall peas were a fail but the cilantro and spinach are doing great.
More next week !

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Awesome! I really need to learn more about canning. I haven't gotten any good seals for the most part lol.


Thanks ! What are you canning ?


Just jams off and on. I love making jams but end up eating them quickly since I can't seal the dang things haha.


My Mother used to put a wax top on them instead of sealing but we just put the covers and seal on immediately after pouring the jam in and the jars seal 99% of the time.


That sounds simple enough to work. I'll give it a try next go. Your mother's method sounds a bit more intense :)

I love to read your updates. My summer garden is coming to a close. I just planted lots of greens and some more Brussel sprouts. Nothing is better than picking them with a little snow on the ground.

ohhhh you have to share your Apple Ale recipe please. We have oodles of apple tree's and apples, I have canned all the apple sauce and froze all the apple pies that I can. I am now doing a crab apple jelly today. Upvoted and following