Garden Update 10 hard freeze and the cows got into the garden

in gardening •  9 months ago

I woke up Saturday morning to find that the electric fence was off and the cows were helping themselves to the sweeet potatoes.
Last Thursday we had a hard frost but Saturday was my first chance to get out there. Even though I had my tomatoes covered the foliage froze. IMG_1804.JPG
I am going to harvest the tomato s today and I also started to turn the garden and get ready to plant the garlic. My first try at sweet potatoes notes me enough for thanks giving and those couple of onions and acorn squash will come in handy too.
I successfully turned my. Garlic bed but got rained out before I planted.
The Brussels sprouts still need a little time so I will cover them for another week.
I am also going to harvest a little cilantro today.
Garden activity is definitely slowing down a little
Weather is supposed to be decent this week so I am going to get the garlic planted and prepare beds for winter.

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We still gotta bet our Garlic planted too! Free range cattle sounds fun. LOL

I love that you tried growing sweet potatoes. I have not done so yet, but will research to see if I have room. My chard, kale and green onion are still doing well and Japanese radish could be harvested this week. I have to get my bed ready for the garlic yet. Our weather in western, NY is still staying warm at night. Love that your cows had a time out of the pen, they probably loved it. lol