TIL: The Garden Experiment

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Trial and Error

We should experiment with our gardens like scientist do with new technologies related to gardening. Find out what works the best for your garden in the conditions you have to work.

Today, I read an article published by myrtlebeachonline.com that gives new and experienced gardeners some tips on creating a successful garden and sustaining it for years to come.

Join us in the Gardening-Trail to discuss experiences and help us grow our community. The Gardening-Trail is part of the SteemTrail Communities dedicated to the expansion of the STEEM paltform.

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Sunscape is a gardening master.

Its not fair (((( I can't share my garden till the spring now (its snow and winter over here) =)

Love gardening!

Do you have any houseplants? Indoor gardening is still gardening! And keep reminding yourself about all the aphids and other insect pests being kept in check by your cold winter temperatures, lol. : )

Good idea about indoor plants

Maybe you will post something about your indoor plants, then... : )

Ill leave that for the wife =)

I have covered my beds to prevent the winter weed infestation and chopped back my bushes. Can't wait for spring when the major planting can begin! Actually that reminds me I did dig up a bunch of weeds last weekend and plant some heather and an olive tree, I keep meaning to post about it!

And the winter is a nice time to review what worked well or not - different crops, different varieties, gardening approaches, storage of our harvests. Just because there's snow on the ground, doesn't mean that gardeners stop thinking about their gardens! Let's see some posts on plants that provide some winter interest or wildlife benefits. And we can still appreciate plants by going to a garden conservatory or botanical gardens.