My Jungle Garden

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Can you see what's happening here? Neither can I. This is the result of having such a busy summer and not having enough time to tend the garden on a regular basis.

So somewhere in there might be potatoes. I used an app called Picture This and it identifies it as Jerusalem artichoke and I did plant that last year but I forgot that I did and tilled the land in the spring. So I'm hoping that it somehow got saved but I'm also hoping it's potato. See if you can spot it lol.

Good thing that the jungle part is in the back section. When I have been able to tend to the garden I cleared up as much as I could around the smaller crops growing. This here is my cabbage, I got 2 growing as I wasn't sure if I would be successful in growing it. There isn't a lot of growing time left, maybe a month and if we are lucky we can add 2 weeks to that. Hoping it forms and grows more so I can harvest from it. I know it doesn't help the fact the bugs are eating away at it.

My brussel sprouts is looking promising but I don't know enough about growing this one either. I only grew 1 just incase I am not successful. Being in a northern part of the world with long winters, we have to experiment a lot to see what works.

For example, I can't get carrots growing. 2nd season trying and nope, nothing sprouted.

This one is either broccoli or cauliflower. I grew a few of each hoping to god that I can get something out of it because these two plants have become ridiculously expensive. $5 for a small thing of broccoli! I realize it could be more expensive in other areas of the world but this proves my point on how important it is to grow our own food.

Ring of fire pepper plant. Ok so, yay, there's peppers growing from it! Now what?
I went online to find out when it's good for picking. Do I pick while it's green? Do I pick when it's red? If I pick when it's green, how do I know it's ready to be picked or if it's not done growing yet?
And I found nothing. The only I formation that I did get were more about jalapenos and green peppers. Is it safe to go about it the same way? No clue! So I turn to you my awesome fellow Steemit gardeners! Can you share some information with me about this one?

This is the smallest pumpkin plant I have ever had! I was beginning to think that it was a still plant, doing nothing but sitting there but look! A flower! Perhaps I bought a dwarf plant? But nonetheless I think it's too late for this one, not enough time to grow the fruit. Last year I was more successful, I was able to get 3 awesome pumpkins. Not this time I guess.

Heading inside the greenhouse, we have beans and peas. Later to find out these grow better outside with other plants. This is where I see I lack the knowledge of pairing plants with other plants. I found out not long ago that these are good for the soil. They produce their own nitrogen and so other plants can benefit from it. So next year calls for better planting arrangements with this new found knowledge.

My beans and my hair 😅

Cucumber!!!! Yay I'm getting long green things growing!! I love seeing things grow from plants like this. It gives a good feeling, being successful with plants is a great achievement. This year is definitely looking better than last year.

I am also growing tomatoes which I didn't take a picture of for some reason. Along with beets and onions. It's the 2nd time I try growing beets and onions, last year wasn't too successful and for the beets even less this year. But a lot of people are saying that it is a weird year for growing and so I might give it another go next year given that it did sprout late even though it was planted during the right time. Beets are cold hearty so they are one of the first to plant. And planting with the pull of the full moon gives a great advantage. Just not this year for some reason.

Every year we get a good amount of raspberries and I do have a few bushes in my back yard but what's weird about it is I can only pick a handful at a time, where last year I was able to pick a yogurt size container full. I was able to pick 4-5 times with that amount.

Hoping with the few days of rain that we are getting will help make the pickings get better. The kids can't wait.

So this summer is making it hard for me to figure out what can grow and what can't grow because of it being a weird growing season. Even some animal took off with my zucchini plants before it even began to flower!

Oh! Talking about animals taking plants... I looked up ways to get rid of pesky animals in a good way, thinking what we have are moles, I read that they don't like marigolds. They hate the smell! Understandably as they don't give off a great sent. So I planted a few in the garden hoping it would do the trick, and you know what? It did! No more Nile holes! That there makes me very happy.

Oh one more thing before I end this post. I have this thing here growing and also...

... this. The app can't tell me what it is so I'm hoping one of you might now?

I doubt anything great will happen as they are still quite small. And please don't pay attention to the soil. Remember I've not been home a lot 😉

Hoping that those who grow are successful this year and that you get great amounts of fruit and veggies in return of your hard work! Keep it up guys!

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Lots of veggies growing in your garden, Foxy. I planted jalapeños, tomatoes and green peppers. But something has been eating the leaves of the jalapeños. Last year I planted Hungarian peppers and they produced well. Hubby would pick a few each morning chopped them up and cooked them with scrambled eggs.
Your peppers look big enough to eat now.

The more the better 😃

Is there a difference between having them green or having them red?

Mmmm that sounds yummy having them with eggs!

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Wow, you have quite an extensive garden, @foxyspirit! I think some people just grow certain things better than others. I can never seem to grow carrots either. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong! I have also gave very mixed results with peppers, and I agree it’s tough to know when to pick them. I can always grow cucumbers and zucchini’s really well for some reason! Anyway, nice work. You have an amazing garden.

Thank you! Ya carrots makes no sense lol. Cucumbers and zucchinis are a major thing for this household and I'm so sad the zuccs haven't worked out. They are my fav and I a lot with them. From relish to zucchini bread, muffins, stir fried, boats etc.

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I could have done with out seeing that bucket of fresh raspberries, I really miss our old raspberry patch, we had three red varieties (two cultured, one wild), and some golden raspberries. Oh the raspberry jelly home made, a true taste of heaven.

Sorry lol.

I've never seen golden raspberries. Do they taste the same?

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Yes and no, they taste like red raspberries, but have a slightly different flavors, a hint of extra sweetness to me any ways.


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You actually succeed in have a lot of food growing in your garden even without you attending to it, it's such an awesome view. And yes, broccoli is expensive at the other side of the world too!

Well hopefully the veggies do come through. I'm hopeful but scared at the same time lol. Fingers crossed!!

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Yup, fingers crossed!

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Wow! You have great gardenloot there. Amazing how gardens look after themselves and then reward one with just a little TLC...

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Thanks! I'll be writing an update when I harvest it all. I forgot to add the picture of what I harvested the one time just for supper. I'll share it here 😋

Enough for the kids to enjoy.

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Looking good.

In the top picture, on the left there's definitely a Jerusalem Artichoke stem. :0)

I don't know anything about peppers, but I do know there's no rush for your cabbages and Brussels' Sprouts. They can stand some cold. I do think you need to take action against the bugs, though - or they'll eat your entire cabbage. This time of the year, it's probably caterpillars. Check the bottom side of your leaves to see if you can spot them. The bad news is: once they are there, the only way to get rid of them is to pick them off by hand, and check back every day.
In case they slugs are the bad guys, you can try spraying with garlic spray... works for me. Or you can surround them by sharpy things... cover the soil with broken egg shells, or lava rock.
You could also cover your cabbages and sprout with lava rock dust. It washes right off when you want to eat it, and suffocates all critters that are feasting on your crops. Slugs don't like that either.

We had annoying moles in the garden for years.. tried every trick in the book, but nothing worked. Until we planted Kaiser's crown flowers all around. We haven't seen a mole ever since (3 years now). You can read more in my post here. Worked like a charm.
The flower bulbs have a very strong smell - a really, really strong smell -, which keeps moles far away.

The last two pics puzzle me a bit. The leggy ones in the first one look like very leggy red cabbages. Too leggy.

The second one look familiar, but I can't pinpoint it exactly. Are you sure those are not your potatoes?

Thank you so much for your help!!

Good to know for the artichoke!

I didn't know that cabbage and sprouts are ok in some cold. That's really good to know actually. I haven't seen any slugs but I also haven't looked at the underside of the leaves.

I will keep a look out for the critters more and definitely lay down some egg shells.

I think your right about the purple one being red cabbage. But why they got so leggy I'm not sure lol. The others I know are not potatoes. They were planted in the back outside before it became a jungle lol.

Thank you once again for your help! Much appreciated!!

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cabbages (and everything else) tend to get leggy if they are exposed to too much light after they've first sprouted, I believe. I would have to look it up, though

Yep! I know that jungley garden feeling for I've been away from the garden lots this year too! But I'm also very happy to get what I get knowing I neglected it somewhat!
Thanks for the tip on getting rid of moles for I have them in my garden too so I'll have to try the marigolds!
That picture under whee you gave that tip about moles - the plants have the leaf miner in it. I just pull off the effected leaves and dispose of them although it looks like if you do that you won't have many leaves left!
Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

In the other comments @simplymike also wrote what flower to use. As long as it has a stinky smell, they will stay away I think.
I thought about removing leaves but like you said there wouldn't be many left. So I still remove them? Or does it even matter by this time with not much growing time left.

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Those bugs looks nasty, eating away your cabbage leaves. Still you have an abundant of thriving plants. Those raspberries looks yummy. I have never tasted fresh raspberries only those that are preserved in jams.

They are but hopefully not much longer, putting down some eggshells tomorrow and other magical stuff 😛

I hope one day you get to taste the beautifullness of a true raspberry. It really isn't the same, much like how strawberries are not the same fresh from picking to buying them at the store.

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Nice wild gardening going on over there! Weather plays such a big part together with soil, carrots where I live never worked out either.

Chilies pepper bushes green or red are edible to my knowledge, keep the seed from inside, dry them and save them for planting next year.

Cabbage, broccoli and other greens grow inland from us, not being familiar with your conditions I would say your garden is looking healthy.


I was wondering if it gave a different taste to the hot pepper much like regular bell peppers or if it became more or less hot when they are red. Wondering the science behind it 😛

I hope they do turn out ok. Even if one works out, that gives me hope for next year!

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Our little peppers I grew I found the red ones to be a bit hotter, perhaps it is the colour that gives an idea of heat, when red they are more ripened. What I do know is to wash hands thoroughly after use (or wear gloves), they still burn if you touch your face after working with them.