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I knew a guy from the apartment complex I was living in, and one day while we were talking, he mentioned that his cousin was in a band when he was a kid. I asked what decade they were from and he said the 60s. I inquired about the name of the band and he replied, Tonto and the Renegades. I asked, was he Tonto? He said, no, he was a Renegade. This is a band I had not heard of before.

At some point I found this band, probably on YouTube or maybe on one of the Garage Rock Radio shows such as WFMU's Black Hole of Rock and Roll with DJ Bill Kelly. I gave a listen to their original composition, Little Boy Blue, and it was Love at first Listen! It starts with a fuzzy guitar riff, followed by a drum pick up into the rhythm guitar and organ. It's a simple 4 chord progression. The lyrics are simple too, but the delivery is raw and emotional.

I-I-I-I-I Wa-ant you-u-u, yes I do-o-o! Little Boy Blue!
Well ya love-a me right, both day and night; you build me up instead of lettin' me down. So love me tender and love-a me true, so I'll be your little boy blue!
I said-a-I-I-I-I-I Wa-ant you-u-u, yes I do-o-o! Little Boy Blue!

Wild Scream before awesome guitar solo!

The fuzzy guitar solo goes on for 33 seconds which is pretty long for a 60s Rock song that is under 2 and a half minutes in total length.

The video for this is pretty cool. Just still shots of the band from back in the day. You can see how young they were, and you can see that 60s hair styles are back in style again these days.

I think the tempo of this song makes it easy to dance to. Not too slow, or fast. Put on your Go Go Boots or Beatle Boots and do the pony, fly, swim, frug, or even the Freddy to this great song from Lansing Michigan recorded in 1966!

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