Garage Rock with Fuzzy Guitar - Blue Girl by The Bad Roads

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This a Very Raw Fuzzy Garage Rock song from 1966. It starts with a simple Fuzz Guitar riff, and if you're a fan of this type of music, you'll love it right away.

This is a typical low budget raw fuzzy guitar based Garage Rock song. The instruments are just a guitar, bass, and drums. No great musical skills here, but they do manage to remain on beat and in tune the whole way through!

I don't know anything about The Bad Roads, but they seem pretty tough. The singer is lamenting his Blue Blue Girl. He thinks she's groovy but she better learn to dance. She's blue, but a rotten blue.

As I gaze at the stars and wonder what was wrong, was it the way I sung my song? Or could it be the way I treated her? Please tell me 'cause everything's such a blur. She's a blue blue girl! She's a blue blue girl!

She's a groovy chick with a way out style. When she starts to dance, she's really wild. But this girl has had her chance. Instead of crying, she better learn to dance! She's a blue blue girl! She's a blue blue girl!

Alright baby!

And right here, we hear an angry fuzzy screaming guitar solo!

So I packed my bags and I'm movin' on. Before long girl I'll be gone. Little girl you better move outta my way. I guess chick I'll see you someday. Yeah!

Take out some aggression by stomping and jumping around to this well known song among Garage Rockers!

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