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Garage Rock Unknown - Real Fine Lady by The Warlords. Video with Brigitte Bardot!

in garagerock •  3 months ago

The song is pretty cool guitar based Garage Rock and the video is Brigitte Bardot dancing!

I have no idea about The Warlocks. This song was comp'ed on Back From The Grave, Vol.2 - Raw'n'Crude Mid-60s Garage Punk (from 1996). It's Garage Rock, with a raw overdriven guitar riff. From what I can tell, we have 2 guitars, a bass and pounding drums. The sing is sarcastically calling his girl a Real Fine Lady while telling us about how she was going out on him.

I found you down in Georgia, workin' in the cotton field. You was wearing old gunny sack, the only thing you could steal.
Now I don't want your lovin' anymore, and I don't want you hangin' 'round my door. Hey!
You been runnin' 'round with every man in town. You been tryin' your best, baby, to shut me down!
And you try and tell me you ain't been runnin' 'round after all, but you been sellin' tickets to the policemen's ball!
Yeah I don't want your lovin' anymore, and I don't want you hangin' 'round my door. Hey!
You're some lady! A real fine lady! You're some lady! A real fine lady!

The video is Brigitte Bardot dancing to the music! The video maker tries to match up a movie clip from Voulez-vous danser avec moi? (from 1959) with this Garage Rock song, Real Fine Lady. Well Brigitte Baardot IS a Real FINE Lady, and I think the clip adds something to the video!

Dance along with Brigitte Bardot to Real Fine Lady, by The Warlords!

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