Garage Rock, Surf, Psychedelic! Ides again, this one is Psychedelic Ride!

in garagerock •  5 months ago

Ides wants to take you on a Psychedelic Ride! We heard Ides sing Only Your Love yesterday, so let's hear the other side of that 45 RPM record today!

This is similar, but I feel that this song is more of a Psychedelic Surf tune. Same cool guitar and poor tambourine playing, but totally fuzzed out guitar in the break and main riff. To me, it sounds a lot like a remake of Goofy Foot by The Lively Ones, which is a surf classic recorded in 1962. Listen to that amazing song too, and see if you hear the same riff used in Psychedelic Ride!

So what's happening in this song? Here are some lyrics!

I hear those drivin' sounds, they're poundin' through my brain! It's a psychedelic sound and I'm really goin' insane!
No words can describe this wild screaming ride, so come on in and we'll go side by side!

Take the Psychedelic Ride! Surf to it! Or dance to it! Or just jump and spin. In any case, enjoy!

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Considering that in 1967 surf was pretty much in retreat this guitar lick is pretty peculiar. But then a lot of surf groups started switching to garage around 1964-65 and eventually to psych, which is how surf scales kept on.


Very good observation; I agree!