Garage Rock Punk - Old Man, by The Londons

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Here's a noisy fuzzy butt-kickin' tune to stomp to! She's young and she thinks he's old, but he doesn't see it that way.

This record is 3 minutes and 8 seconds - a bit long for 1966. But I'm happy to hear every second of it. The Londons, I thought, were from Concord NC which is where the Charlotte Race Track is at. But a commenter says they are from south of Charlotte in Colombia SC, but it was recorded in Charlotte. It's likely that it was recorded at Arthur Smith's Studio, same place The Paragons recorded Abba.

In any case, this is another group of young men who started a band, and I believe they were a Battle Of The Bands winner, probably on the strength of this killer original song.

This is a guitar based rocker with possibly an organ or electric piano and pounding drums that will kick your butt for the entire 3 minutes. That guitar is very fuzzed and overdriven, and the riff is straight out of the Rolling Stones hit, "Satisfaction". If you like that, you might dig this!

So what's going on in the lyrics? He wants her bad, but she thinks he's an old man!

She called my old man, old man, baby!

You say that I'm too old to take you out, and show you what this world is all about.
But I tell you honey, I love you!

I'm not an old man, I'm just a young guy, I'm not an old guy!

Then it goes into a loud screamin' fuzzy guitar break for nearly 50 seconds, which is forever for a 60s pop tune!

Bang your head or stomp your feet to this one, and play it LOUD!!!

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