Garage Rock Go Go Music! Dance to "I Don't Wanna Try It Again!" by The Dagenites!

in garagerock •  5 months ago

This is some super High Energy American Go Go Music! If you don't wanna get up and dance to this, check your pulse 'cause you might be dead!

The band is The Dagenites from Oxon Hill, Maryland in 1965!!! This is such a powerful stomper that it's hard to believe its from that year. We have rhythm guitar, slightly overdriven lead, bass and drums. It's fast, very fast, but Perfect for Go Go Dancing! Put on your boots and mini skirt and go baby go!

You were the one that went out on me. You were the one baby can't you see. You were the one that went out on me. I don't wanna try it again!

It's frantic all the way through, with a tasty manic guitar break. Get ready!

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