Garage Rock Fuzzy Classic! Satisfaction Guaranteed by The Mourning Reign

in garagerock •  8 months ago

Another 60s song with a Great Fuzzy Garage Rock riff, and your Satisfaction is Guaranteed, or your vote back! :P

The Mourning Reign are from San Diego California, and they recorded this, their first single, in 1966. Keeping in mind that "Satisfaction" was a huge hit for the Rolling Stones not too far before this, one wonders if this is some sort of Answer Song. Maybe! The song is built around one riff, just like Satisfaction. Instrumentation is the same - lead guitar (2 leads in the middle guitar break!), rhythm guitar, organ, bass guitar and drums. But the riff in this song uses faster notes, maybe eighth notes with some16ths. Maybe slightly more fuzz and/or overdrive. The singer's style is similar to Mick Jagger's swagger.

Let's see what the lyrics are about.

Well are you looking for something, that will deliver something for nothing?
Well you'll be looking very hard for a mighty long time, and I'll bet you give up and get back into line.
Because you know; satisfaction guaranteed! Satisfaction guaranteed!

So what do you think? Did you move your head, tap our toe, stomp your feet, dance like a maniac?

Me too!

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