Garage Rock from Houston Texas! I Can't Go On, by The Fanatics!

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Here is a stomping Garage Rock classic from Houston Texas' well known Rockers - Neil Ford and The Fanatics, from 1966! Sending this one out to all the Houston Steemians like @MrWang @SirLunchTheHost and @byCompoundFilms.

It starts off calmly enough. There's an organ and guitar doing the 2 chord rhythm. But the drum starts kicking hard, the singer goes crazy and screams his brains out, and the guitar solos some truly screechy notes! When you can't go on, you must be very agitated, and these guys were! By the end of the song, the band completely melts down and mayhem ensues with lots of screaming and guitar wailing!

Neil Ford and The Fanatics were popular in Houston in the 60s. They were often playing at The Living Eye teen nightclub at 1493 Silber Road. They are mentioned in this trippy radio commercial for The Living Eye, which featured other great bands of the day, like The Electric Prunes and ? and The Mysterians.

This 45 RPM Record was issued on Caped Crusader Records and features The Bat Signal from Batman on the label. Batman debuted on TV in January of 1966 and was super popular, with Adam West playing the title role.

So in this song, what's got the singer all shook up? Let's see.

I can't go on, wanting you, girl. For your sweet love, I'd give the whole world!
I can't go on, just being a friend. Why should I stay? This is the end!
No, I can't go on! Ahhh, I can't go on!!! Ohhhh Nooooo!!!!

@MrWang and son Ethan should listen to this crazy song and do a reaction video! :D This is your history, guys. This band and others like them Rocked Houston in the swingin' 60s!

Get ready for this! Jump around! :)

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Pretty solid garage track! These guitar licks sound crazy!


Thanks for listening and commenting! There were some relatively unknown bands playing intense music in the 60s. I just posted another similar song, Gotta Find A Girl. Maybe you would dig it as well. Have a rockin' weekend!