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Raw Rocker With a Hysterical Singer!

Of course the USA wasn't the only place with Garage Bands. Kids everywhere knew of The Beatles and wanted to BE the Next Beatles. Up in Montreal Canada were a band called M.G. And The Escorts. There was no actual guy named M.G. - just 5 guys playing fuzzy guitar driven Rock.

In early 1967, they released their third single called A Someday Fool. It starts out with a pounding drum for 8 beats, followed by 2 repeats of the fuzz guitar lead partial riff, into the full riff and then the frantic emotional vocals which indicated to me that the guy was having a nervous breakdown right there in the recording studio!

Not being big on rhyming apparently, here's how it starts...

You want my money, and a whole lot more. But you don't want the one thing, I wanna give to you.
No you don't seem to need it, and I feel so bad. Because you're the one girl that I could really love!
No you don't need my love, the only thing I really wanna give!

After short guitar bridge and a second verse that also doesn't rhyme and is barely coherent, the song spins almost out of control, moving into a short but wild guitar break after the obligatory scream.

The song ends with the chorus sung by the backup singers while the lead guy breaks down into screams and tears and sighs and general mental exhaustion!

The bass and drums with the rhythm guitar dive this entire song forward in an orderly fashion and at quite a speedy tempo good for some wild dancing to this raw emotional song. Get ready to dance to A Someday Fool by M.G. And The Escorts!

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