Garage Rock Classic Band - The Remains, from Boston, Opened for The Beatles!

in garagerock •  3 months ago

Even people who don't know any Garage Rock usually know The Remains, a.k.a. Barry and The Remains. They had a few big hits in the 1965 - 1966 era and they opened for The Beatles in their final tour of 1966. How cool is that! And guess what - they are still playing these days!

Let's hear their first single, Why Do I Cry. It's a bit like The Yardbirds or similar British Invasion bands. Guitar based but also a cool electric piano and competent rhythm section that drives the track and makes it great for dancing. Check out the nice guitar break in the middle, and enjoy Barry's deep voice as he hits some fairly low notes!

Next we will hear a gritty hard rocking tune called Once Before! The song starts with the sharp overdriven guitar strums soon followed by the organ or electric piano mirroring the same chords as the rhythm section joins in and pounds it home! Get up and play some air guitar and air drums with your phone in your hand and the @actifit app open - earn some cash!

Last in this Triple Spin is Don't Look Back. Even more frenetic than the others, but similar with the guitar strumming and electric piano. I think they were done trying to sound like The Beatles and decided to sound more like The Rolling Stones. Definitely a Mick Jagger vocal style happening here!

I hope you enjoyed this Look Back to the swinging days of the Mid 60s!

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now that right there about dancing your way with Actifit is an awesome advise :)

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Wow, thank you so much! :) Actifit is a groovy way to incentivize activity and I support that.