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[Old games with @zulman].

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Hello Steemians..., How are you all today?

Back again with me @zulman discussing another old games in order to bring back sweet old days memories for those of you who ever heard about the game and giving you information about some best old games for those of you who never heard about it. In today's post, I would like to talk about still the game that belong into the genre of Racing, the game called "Death Rally".


Oke, How is everything going all of you steemians? Are you alright? i hope so. Back again with me for another review of old games, it is MS-DOS game to be precise. For today's article, i would like to review about another games that belong to the genre of Racing video games. Actually, this game that i am going to talk about is not a usual racing game, it is the game where the player not only race the car to win, but also can destroy the opponent cars. I have been updated my article every day to review those DOS games that i have never played before. so, stay tune and keep reading.

The game that i am going to talk about today called "Death Rally". This game come with amazing gameplay for a racing game. There are also some another games that have similar gameplay with this game. If you are following my articles, you have probably see an article about a racing game that can use power up to win the race. Remember the racing game called "Carnage"? Yes, this game is very similar in term of the gameplay with Carnage. what make it similar is that Death Rally, just like Carnage also have a top-down view perspective and also the player can destroy the opponent car. However, there are a little bit different in Death Rally. In Death Rally, the gameplay is felt more like the real world because you need money in order to enter the race, upgrade cars and buy weapons.

Alright, before we are going to talk in details about the game, I would like to remind you that this game is considered a violent game, at least what I think. Because, in the gameplay, the racer or the player can kill civilians when racing. Civilians are all standing beside the track, and you can kill them by running your car into them. That is why i think this game is violent. Another reminder, if you want to keep getting updates on my article about MS-DOS games review, do not forget to follow me at @zulman.

Alright. So now, let's learn a little bit about the game first.

Death Rally : Pure Action Racing Game.


Image Source : Wikipedia

Death Rally is a video game in the genre of racing. It is a top-down perspective game where the player will see the game from skyview. Death Rally was developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Apogee Software. The distributor of the game is on the hand of GT Interactive. The game Originally have full title called "Death Rally: Death in the Fast Lane". During the development, the game was known with different title. The title of the game during the development is HiSpeed. The game, Death Rally was released in the year of 1996 for MS-DOS platform.

When the player first start the game, the player will starts with a car that considered weak car. The name of the car is Vagabond also the player equipped with $495 money. The player must compete with this resource in the deadly races. The races called deadly because all cars that do the races are equipped with weapons. However, if you want to play the game without weapons or just an ordinary racing game is also available. The objective of the player in this game is to win money by finishing in first positions just as another racing game would. However, in the game, there is another way of getting money beside winning the race. The player can collect bonuses also during the race by destroying another cars or fulfill the mission that assigned to the player. The main objective or the ultimate goal from this game is that the player need to beat an undisputed king of Death Rally.

In the year of 2009, the original games was updated and release for Windows Platform as a freeware. Later, the game also has been remake for another platform such as IOS and Android as well. You can see the list below for the summary of the development of the game.

  • Developers : Remedy Entertainment
  • Publishers : GT Interactive, Apogee Software
  • Composer : Jonne Valtonen
  • Platform : DOS, Windows, IOS, Android, Fire OS
  • Release : September 1996 for MS-DOS
  • Genre : Vehicular Combat, Racing
  • Mode : Single and Multiplayer

Alright, now let's talked about the gameplay of Death Rally.

Death Rally Gameplay

In term of the gameplay, Death Rally is a very unique racing video game. Each car in the game that the player drive is equipped with numerous of upgrades that can increase the capabilities of the car, such as armor, handling, and also speed of the car. However, the default gun that come with the car is not available for upgrade. In order to get money, the player also can ask for a loan to upgrade the car in order to race with highest-ranked opponents.

When the player first start the game, the player will see a screen where the menu are available. To play the game, just choose "Start Playing" and the player will go to the next screen where you can input your name, choose difficulties and choose the track to race. There are tree difficulties available. Those are: Speed Makes me Dizzy which I assume the easy one, I live to ride which is a medium one, and Petrol in my vein which is the most difficult one to play. In term of track, the game also have 3 track race.

Each of difficulties has different race track, see the image below for each track that available for each difficulties level. The track could be randomly made available for each race. Each track has different price ticket as well. See image below for details of the price for each track on each difficulties.


Key Control for The game.

A             | Accelerate
Space         | Brake
Left Arrow    | Steer left
Right Arrow   | Steer right
Left Shift    | Turbo Boost
Left Control  | Machine Gun
Left Alt      | Drop Mine
H             | Horn

Alright, here are some screenshots of the gameplay, you can see the image on how the games is look like.

Here are some screenshots of the game

The screenshots is taken from online play


My opinion about Death Rally video games.

So, what i think about the Death Rally video games. This video games is one the games that make you want to play it again and again. The good thing is that the game is not a usual racing game, although you can play the game with usual racing game, but i do not recommend that because the fun in this game is where you can destroy another cars. The races aslo can kill the pedestrian on the race. So, i think this game is considered violence as well. However, the game is a fun game to play.

Alright, if you want to experience the game, let's take a look at how to set up the computer to play the game with DOSBox.

>> Setting Up your PC or Mac to play Death Rally Video Game

>>Download Death Rally

You can download the game from this link Download Death Rally

The game that you download come with an archive, you need to extract it and then run it with DOSBox. You can find how to run the game inside DOSBox below.

>>Setup your computer to play Death Rally

Before you can play the game, you need to install DOSBox. Then you will be able to play the game in DOSBox, Here are the step to do it.

  • Open DOSBox and mount to game folder (Check out the video at the bottom of the article to see how to do it)
  • Navigate to Death Rally folder games that you have downloaded and extracted.
  • Run INSTALL.EXE to install the game.

If you do not know how to install DOSBox on your PC or Mac? Check out this video

Check out this video bellow about how to setup DOSBox on your computer.

Watch How to Install DOSBox

>> Lazy to install DOSBox? Play it Online

If you found that installing the game is complicated or you just do not want to install DOSBox or maybe lazy to install another tools to your computer? The are a good news for you, as this is an old games, you can play the game online. There is no need any install required, just open the website and you are ready to go.

Here is the link to play DOOM video games online. Death Rally Online

Alright, that is all. if you want to try the game, go ahead, install it or play it online and have fun

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