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I have become bored of mainstream games. So I decided to check out the steem games I use to play and some I haven't tried yet. On the 7th is when I decide to revisit @drugwars and try out @steemmonsters (splinterlands) since I remember I made an account but never bought a pack.

Back in the summer, I sold out of my crypto and only left about $10 worth of steem in my steem power just in case I wanted to leave a comment on a few articles here and there. Now that same steem is worth $5. So I guess it wasn't smart to leave it in there.

The first thing I did was convert 10USDC I had left in my coinbase account into bitcoin and buy a pack in spinterlands. Since I don't have much steem power, I'm not sure this was a good idea to be honest. One good thing is I play the games on the brave browser and I set it to allow ads. So at least I get BAT that I can sell and buy some steem.

It didn't take me long to learn 3 things about my gaming going forward. 1) spinterlands was going to take some time to learn how to win besides getting good cards. 2) a lot of things changed in drugwars. 3) I am going to need more steem power if im going to push for a high rank in spinterlands.

I will be making weekly posts about my gaming with more and more details. As I get better at the games and/or find more games to play. I will add them to the weekly series. One game that I won't be adding to this post but I am checking out is @roadofrich. I might add it to next week's post.

Drug Wars

Link to game: Drug Wars
Coming back to drugwars was an interesting struggle. I noticed some of the top players in the game was attacking my base for daily resources. So for the first 3 days of building an army. If I wasn't online using my resources to stay under my safe cap and having my army away on missions then they would be wiped out.

On day 4, I made a new base to hide my troops in when I logout. This helped out a lot and those top players stop attacking me because there was never resources nor an army to kill. I also learned the benefits of being in a gang so I joined one. The reduced training times alone was a life saver.

One thing I made a mistake on was cashing out the little bit of DWD I had. My thought was to sell it for steem to power up but I ended up using the steem to instant upgrade the new base. Which cost more in steem than DWD. Dumb move but it help me come up with my plan for spinterlands. I plan on converting DWD to steem every Saturday night every week to powerup so I can push for a higher rank in spinterlands. I will better track things moving forward to report next week.

Spinterlands aka Steem Monsters

Link to game: Spinterlands
The first 2 days of playing I was completely clueless on what I was doing. Over the week I learned from each match. Understanding which cards go well together for each type of match. The biggest struggle I had in the game so far is the death quests. Its the weakest deck for me in terms of card selection and understanding which cards are best to use.

Also, I feel like I learned about guilds a little late as I joined one in the last day of the season. The season rewards was pretty nice since I reached silver 3 and I got the reward from the daily quest everyday. Total I got 26 cards in rewards and combined some of them as you can see below.

I doubt I will reach gold rank by the end of the week or the season for that matter due to low level cards and low steem power preventing me from doing to many matches in a single day. I could probably rent cards using the steem I earn from playing drug wars but I rather powerup my steem account. So far I got 315 DEC, I will keep saving to use it to buy packs whenever I reach enough to buy one.

Any Advice For A New Player?

Talking with my gang members in drug wars, I found out a few things to improve my bases and overall gameplay. Do you all have any advice for a new player for drug wars or spinterlands? Any advice will be helped for me. Also, I set this post rewards to 100% power up to help out with the steem power problem I am having until I get more crypto to convert to steem to powerup.


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