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Have you been watching all the pack opening videos and looking at the screenshots in pack opening posts? You're not alone. A lot of us have been as well. I was talking with my guild about buying packs and I wondered what would happen if I tried 1 pack with potions.

So if you're one of those players that don't have the money to dive deep into the pack opening like the top players in splinterlands. Let me save you some time and hard earned dark energy crystals with my one pack with potions test.

The 1 Pack Opening With Potions Cost

  • 1 Untamed Pack: 2,000 DEC
  • 5 Legendary Potions: 200 DEC
  • 5 Alchemy Potions: 250 DEC
  • Total Cost: 2,450 DEC

1 pack 5 legendary potions 5 alchemy potions.png

At this moment, after buying everything I needed for this test. I thought to myself this is dumb to do given my luck in life. However, I do like to gamble on things from time to time. So doing a test to see what would happen was fine by me.


Honestly, I slowly clicked on each card hoping that someone's crazy good luck would bless my account. By the time the last card came around. I was like there is no changing my luck in this world. lol


Looking at the results, I'd say I was better off just buying the pack and saving the rest of the DEC for the next pack opening. So if you ask me is it worth buying potions for opening one pack. I will have to say no. If you're a new player or a low rank player planning to use your dark energy crystals you earn to buy packs and cards. I will say don't bother buying the potions.

If you have money to invest by all means buy as many potions for your packs as you can. I've seen reports in the discord of people opening a lot of packs with potions getting legendary and gold foil cards at around 1.1% to 3.9%. In my guild, one member had really nice luck getting 4.5%.

1 Pack Opening Challenge

If you don't mind doing this test like I did. By all means, take the one pack opening challenge. Doesn't matter if you're a broke player or a whale. Let's have fun with this random challenge. Here are the rules.

  • 1 Untamed Pack
  • 5 Legendary Potions
  • 5 Alchemy Potions
  • Post your results below

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I am seeing this late! If I saw this when it was new I would have given you a Steem Monsters upvote. Make sure you put your Splinterlands only posts like this in the Discord under sm-post-promotion channel.

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