New additions to PS-Plus library aren't exactly wowing me

in #gaming2 months ago

I haven't dug that far into the minor adjustments to the PS-Plus Extra catalogue and hopefully there are a few numbers in there that are going to get me excited. The major games are the ones that are on the front page but the other games, of which there are many, are contained in the Game Catalogue that you click on at the top of your screen.

The "major" games are always a crapshoot and you never really know if you are going to have any interest in them.


The big one they are focused on is Nier Replicant and unfortunately because of my experience with the first one, I am unlikely to even play this at all. There are a lot of people that enjoyed the first one, even people that don't look at porn, but to me the game was just kind of sloppy because of the reused elements, senseless running around from one location to an old one that took ages, the fetch quests and the sometimes complete inability to even figure out where the hell you are supposed to go next.

The fanbois loved this though and here's another downside about this being a monthly game. Those fanbois already bought this game months ago. So this is just another Squre-Enix throwaway because they know that they can't possibly sell any meaningful amount of them anymore.


The inclusion of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a monthly game is annoying to me in particular because it has ALREADY been a "free" game of the month at least once before. The fact that I paid full price for this with a great deal of enthusiasm is what really grinds my gears though because it was NOT a good game. That was actually the straw that broke the camel's back for me as far as Square-Enix is concerned. I will never be an early adopter of their titles again. I think they have been kind of coasting the past 5 years or so and just riding the good name they built for 30 years and they are slowly but surely destroying all faith that people have in that company.


Civilization 6 would be something I might look forward to if it weren't for the fact that I have never seen a mouse driven sim game ever successfully port to a console and there is no reason to believe that this one will be different. They are just annoying with a controller in my opinion and I just end up getting frustrated. Also, the font tends to be the same size as it would be on a computer screen that is 18 inches away from your face so I can't even read it when I am on the sofa. No thanks!


I don't know anything about 13 Sentinals Aegis Rim but if I had to guess it is probably just another JRPG that is story driven with a ton of dialogue that is just going to piss me off until I quit after an hour or so.

So this is a disappointing month for PS-Plus fans like me since I am not excited about any of these and probably wont even play them. I will mark them for future download though because if you don't do that when they are featured, you likely wont get to change your mind 30 days from now.

Hopefully there are some better titles buried inside the catalogue!

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