Horizon Forbidden West: The ending is nigh

in #gaming3 months ago

I have come to the point that is all so common in RPG's these days where they warn you that if you proceed from a certain point that you will not be able to leave the scenario via fast travel. This is normally a sign that you are headed into the final curtain of the game and after playing Horizon: Forbidden West for 35 hours or so I have to say that I am actually a bit ready for it to be over.

it is a great game and I am sure there is plenty of fantastic endgame content but I doubt that I will bother with very much of it because I don't really care about completing 100% of a game and even though I like the playstyle I am not going to go through the rigors of attempting to get the best legendary weapons in the game.


This has been a fantastic journey and I have enjoyed a great deal of it. I would say that I probably enjoyed Zero Dawn more but this isn't because it is a better game, it is merely because the entire concept was brand new back then and there is only so much that a dev company can do to polish and already nearly perfect product.

Combat is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be and there are many ways to dispatch your enemies. One downside for me as a player has a lot to do with me and not so much to do with the game.


There are certain tougher enemies in the game that can be killed much faster if you use the correct type of ammo and hit them in just the right places. On the other hand these same enemies can be taken down using just stock standard ammo that the ingredients for making them exist in vast numbers basically anywhere on the map. Just like when I used standard pistol ammo in Resident Evil games as often as possible, I am doing the same with my ammo use in Horizon.

I will probably regret this once the game is well and truly over but I have this problem in RPG's where I always save my really strong ammo for those really important and tough battles. I am so frugal with this super powerful ammo that I tend to end the game with most of it still in my inventory.

Seriously, some of these battles are just absolutely epic

I have been told that after you complete the main story the game doesn't actually end and you have the ability to both free roam the map afterwards and also to restart the game with your current level and loadout. I think if I were to do either of these things (both of which are rather unlikely considering my HUGE library of games) that I would be more compelled to just start the game over and see how unbelievably easy it is to just cruise through the game with a maxxed out character.

Out of all the games I have played in 2023 I think that Horizon Forbidden West might be my favorite and therefore if you have been putting off playing it you really should get in there and make this happen. This is especially true if you are a PS-Plus Extra member, since it is included at no cost along with it.

And with that I will leave you because I am about to delve into this final dungeon / cave and do what I presume is the last mission in the game.

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