Who Put The Turkey In The Barrel? - Limerick

in gaming •  6 months ago

Did anyone else wonder why there was a full chicken in a barrel in streets of rage?

I'm low on life, can't beat this stage,
so tough these streets of rage,
is that chicken in that barrel?
a treat with bone marrow.
I do not want to know its age.


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Ha ha ha, nice poem! Did you had a Sega or a Nintendo? Now that was an epic battle back in the day


I was lucky to have both but snes was better.


wow, now that is lucky I had a SNES too, I just went to the houses of the kids with Sega to play their exclusives


lol I did that at the start. :p

My love for games will never die

Hmm! Well i never came across streets of rage but i sure miss sega. This is one of the best consoles i ever played. Infact this sega picture brings back memories of the nice games i used to play then like mortal combat was my best then.

Hai @whatageek
Good friend poems, can you tell the meaning of this poem .. hehehhe

Sangat menarik..👍👍👍

do not think by me you create a poem containing game ,,
talking Nitendo and Sega, I remember when I was 10 years old, I spent time with him.
supermario bross :D

Great post! :-D Upvoted you. Following you aswell. Have a nice day and thank you for sharing.

I had Sega Mega 3 and I will never forget the ecperience. It was amazing. 😍

Sega with all the yellow game cards or whatever were those :D I miss them too. We even traded with my friends. Good old Streets of Rage and Battletoads. oh and dont forget Street fighter!

Never thought in 2018 I'd be reading Sega poetry. Thanks Steem!