Happy World Video Game Day

in gaming •  5 months ago

It turns out it is world video game day. So happy gaming to all the hardcore and casual gamers out there. Keep on grinding for that loot and figuring out how to solve that puzzle. Or be the last one to survive in a game of fortnite. We are all gamers, even if it is just a quick app on our phone. I should be celebrating myself :p

Here is a limerick for all the gamers out there. When we get crypto games it will be more than just a hobby.

If you own a console or a pc,
or game on your phone for free,
maybe you mash,
or pay for cash,
happy gaming day to you and me.

Are you celebrating today?


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Same to you! I haven't "gamed" in years now as life has gotten pretty busy. Lately I only watch some people on YouTube play new games when they are released. I was pretty heavy into it while in the military as it was something fun to do when I wasn't busy working. I think the last few games I played a decent amount were the different Call of Duty series and Skyrim. That gives you an idea of how long it has been.

I told my girlfriend the other day when we move I plan to get the fastest internet available so I can dabble in it again. I have my xbox one just sitting their collecting dust so I need to put it to good use.

well Ironically I did play video games for most of the day, So I guess that works out lol

ahh nice i didn't know there was a world video game day

haha that is pretty interesting. I didn't event know a day like this exist. Thank you What-a-geek! and the little limerick made me smile :3c

Crypto Games the idea really sounds great. May be 2-3 years down the line when we celebrate the next world video games days then crypto would be a reality.

Happy world video game day to you.

My ode to gamers all around the world:

            In those moments when I died
         I crushed my fists but never cried

          Don't worry my non-gamer friend
      I died in a game but my story didn't end

        I was born anew with fire in my heart
          I rose again and my war did start

      When I met defeat, she was an old friend
   Then I came across victory and it did I defend

 My skin turned white because it didn't see the sun
    But I rose till I was the ranking number one

     While they scurried like rats in this world
        I ruled another kingdom with my guild

      This place that tries to hold me trapped 
Will not be able, because into another world I zapped


Video game day is probably my favourite day in the year.

next to christmas, because then I get video games for cheap :)

Happy World Video Game Day to you too! Celebrating by hoarding a trove of munchies and play multiplayer with a couple fo friends. 😁