Games That I am Scared to Play

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Well, hello there, dear steemians! Today I will share with you my thoughts about a few games which I am too scared to play. They might seem silly compared to what other people consider actual horror games to be (like Amnesia or Clocktower), but this is my personal experience and I will try to share it with you in the words below. The list is in no particular order.


Yes, DOOM 3. The flashlight simulator. I really do not understand how this game can get to me in the way it does. I believe it is the combination of pitch black, claustrophobic environments, mixed in with the unnatural look and actions of every character in the game. The jumpscares do not frighten me, but the prospect of going toe to toe with the small groups of enemies, using the really weak feeling arsenal (mostly due to the weapons not having any kick in the animation and sound departments) and also take into account how low the endurance of the main character is, compared to previous game in the series, and you get an experience which really makes me feel uneasy. Compare this to a similar game running on the same engine, Quake 4, which makes the player character a bit more tanky and made the weapons punchy, but kept the dark environments. It goes to show that a few small changes can make a game feel entirely different to play.

The Last of Us

Why would I put the last of us on this list? Two words: Grounded difficulty. No heads-up display, damage is increased both ways, meaning both enemies and the player are closer to death's door in every situation and enemies are more sensitive to sound, so avoiding detection is harder. And you want to avoid detection as much as possible seeing that Joel is one squishy human being and not some Superman. Those things on their own would be frustrating in most games, but the atmosphere of general hopelessness for the world coupled with small amounts of endearing moments between the characters save this from getting frustrating enough to give up on this particular game mode. Naughty Dog really know how to write a story, even if it employs clichees.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ok, this one is a bit of cheating on my part. I am not afraid of the entirety of Skyrim, but of the Dwemer Ruins. The automatons the Dwemer left behind give me the creeps whenever I enter one of those dungeons. They can crawl/roll around from almost anywhere, giving the impression that the player is an intruder in a place nobody should ever enter. The machines defend the homes of their long since gone masters, aggressive and territorial as the Dwemer themselves would have been to other cultures. Unfeeling and in almost unending supply, these machines simply make me uneasy whenever I need to uncover some secret in those underground labyrinths. I hope I made you understand how unfunny it is to undergo a meeting with those guys.

Well, this list was a bit short.I still find it funny that I can go through true horror games without breaking a sweat, but these ones actually make me feel dread and uneasiness. Hope you enjoyed reading through it and I hope you will share you experience with horror in video games in the comments of this article.

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Last of us si skyrim sunt unul din preferatele mele. Astept noi postari legate de jocuri. Sunt pasionat.

Hmm, since you'll be on vacation soon, you should try to make an article entitled "Vlad plays Clock Tower for the SNES, alone, in a dark room, with headphones: The Aftermath"


I am on vacation already XD
Might try to do that at some point.

I was somewhat shocked by Skyrim being on the list. Here I would thought it would been some kind of vampire slayer type of deal. Perhaps those evil mechanical things are slayers of shorts. I always found them a little odd to be found in such a universe. They at least added some interesting architecture for the areas they inhabited.

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