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Gameloft provides first person shooter Blitz Brigade latest game, lest you want to play a game that will be released immediately. However, the gameplay for Blitz Brigade: Rival bright Tactics is not the same as it involves all the troops and makes tactics to side with the battle.

This game is not available for download when it is currently exposed to pre-register, if you want to be one of the prime to play this game. against the appearance of screenshots of this game the main formulas like Clash Royale.


Not only do the shootings, you are now going to create your own team with eight characters in the list of troops, vehicles, and powerups. produce a strategy in what way you will scavenger the enemy.

Interestingly Clash Royale game is real-in fact glimpsed gameloft developers especially mobile that started producing french game called Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. This game is a spinoff or extension address game Blitz Brigade reply released for iOS and Android.

Blitz Brigade game address genre: Rival Tactics has a first-person shooter game genre. This game is more to strategy and tower defense, no need to generate money Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics you can get for free

why would you want to pre-register for this game? Gameloft offers sawab who will be able to function in a game that deserves to get each of the 15 molecules at a time sharing the game on Fb or Twitter or subscribed to the YouTube stream. You'll start with 50 coins so you can upgrade your capital and then earn more coins since you started playing games and earning points.

formulas play Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics :

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics can not be played offline, this game requires internet connection on can . why not be offline, because the game is a tournament done with carareal-time, player versus player.


Blitz Brigade Game: Rival Tactics exposes the user interface and user experience a pretty natural absolute menu appearance that belongs to Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is quite common as there are only rewards, divisions, and shops. . The rewards menu is a menu that displays a suitcase or a crate that contains the bonus items New able to open if it has reached the atmosphere  who determined. Like a crate item in Clash Royale

on the menu division bequeathed the news pertaining to the arena that has been achieved by players. Each arena can hold a different knight to be able to avoid the arena is determined by how many elemenglory you achieve.


In the prime of the game you can only play in the event Boot Camp. But when your glory element reaches 600 you can switch to Oil Refeinery event. many or few of the glory apoin you have got upset by raising your hand or winning you in the game.

the brave character used by the game Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is quite rare as it is with the hearts of Clash of Clans who use the behavior of the first period of the game, Blitz Brigade game: Rival Tactics is devoted to modern behavior and futuristic.

the nature of the game Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics has a somewhat similar role with Clash Royale as a form of robots, bomber planes, and soldiers, and there is originally Siegemaster XL nature here described as a heavy vehicle similar tanks along with chainsaws as well as weapons another is Giant's manifestation. There is also the character of Crawler Storm which is a mixture of tiny robots are also described as skeleton army, and so much more

the important task of this game is so incredibly easy you just need to destroy the headquarter is not the same between the two towers. This game will be approved if you win the HQ or rival headquarters collapse, however, if you are done to destroy one of the towers and time is graduated then you will get one winning element.

you will get all of it for the knot plus also to the first week of the game. to this time, you can pre-register so you can know when Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics will be available for download.