Carmila (Vampire) Atlantica Online

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The Vampire is descended from royal blood, and seeks to live her life without taking the lives of others.
Using her vampiric power, she absorbs enemies' health to restore her own. She also possesses mastery of dark music that lets her sap the energy from enemies or heal her allies over time.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:
All 3 of the Vampire's magic skills were updated to scale with the level of the mercenary in the Perils of Avalon Update.

  1. Dawn's harmony
    Dawn's Harmony Restores allies' Health over time. In TBS, it lasts for only 1 turn, but can resurrect allies.

  2. Dusk Elegy
    Play Dusk Elegy to greatly lower the enemy's Magic Defense and absorb the enemy's Health continuously.

  3. Vampiric Thirst
    Steal Health from the enemy during a basic attack. The activation rate depends on the skill level.

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