Dark Souls: The story of Havel the Rock

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Some say he is guarding a tower like an over sized black Doberman Pinscher, others say he was locked in the watchtower like a forgotten prisoner by the gods themselves because he has such strength and weaponry he himself could kill gods. His name is Havel the Rock. He wears black stone armor heavier than a a normal man could wear. His sole weapon is a tooth of an everlasting dragon wielded like a club too heavy for even a mighty knight to swing. His shield looks like he stuck a handle on a rock wall and tore it out of the ground.
If you are the unlucky one to stumble upon him at the bottom of the elongated spiral tower leading up to the Taurus Demon in the Undead Burg, guarding the entrance to Darkroot Basin, well you only have one hope to survive and beat this beast. Discovered by the Dark Souls community, what you have to do is strip off all your armor weapons and clothes and no this is not a joke, in fact its genius. Next lead him up the long spiral stair case to the very top and jump off. Like I mentioned in one of my other recent dark-souls blogs there is fall damage and not just for the player but all in the dark-souls world. The heavier the gear the more damage and because of the mentioned above he takes a lot of damage. Do this about three times and receive his armor and weapons even if they are to heavy to use after killing Havel, level up properly and after a few days you too will be able to kill gods.

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